Using Creative Time Blocks

by Scott Jeffrey

Take a look at your schedule for this week.

How much time will be spent in meetings? Reading reports and creating documents? How much time will be eaten away by emails, phone calls, and text messages? And don’t forget about reading news, blogs, keeping up with Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Now, how much time do you have scheduled for the really important work? Not the urgent stuff that demands your immediate attention, but the “Big Thinking” strategy sessions that gives you perspective on your business (and your life).

How can you create the unthinkable if your mind is in a constant state of activity? How can you innovate if you’re constantly distracted? How can you make effective decisions if you don’t have time to evaluate the problem?

What’s a busy knowledge worker to do?

One solution for even the busiest CEO is the utilization of time blocks. Carving out blocks of time—not 15 minutes here and there, but several hours minimum each week—is critical if you’re committed to making effective decisions.

Major contributions to your enterprise happen when you devote time to what matters most.