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"I just wanted to share how grateful I am towards your work. Your website is a gold mine of information and it's great to be able to access all this for free. So thank you for that. Keep up the fantastic work you do every day!"

Serena D'Amora

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"I’ve looked for answers on my deep inner questions so much on different places and couldn’t find anywhere such comprehensive answer like you give in your articles."

A. D.

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"Just wanted thank you for the step-by-step guide to uncovering your personal values! I have felt like I was floundering and without focus or priorities for a while. Just going through your exercise made many of the questions I had somehow either answer themselves or not matter nearly as much."

Adriane Cooper

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"Thank you for your continued insight. I have subscribed to MANY different internal development websites, from self help to spirituality and everything in between, and your emails stand out amongst all of them. These insights have helped me tremendously along my own hero’s journey.”

Kaila Motz

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"Just in last two weeks I’ve learned so much from what you offer online, and it is exactly what I needed on my self-exploration quest right now! I love the way you present difficult subjects with so much clarity and with no sugar coating and marketing tricks that penetrated all the areas of life."

Marina Okulova

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"Wanted you to know that I've been enjoying your work. Recently dug up your work on the Shadow. Great stuff. Great exercises."


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