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I’m Scott Jeffrey. Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding high-achieving entrepreneurs and CEOs to 10x their businesses and self-actualize along the way.

Meanwhile, I’ve embarked on my own adventures into exploring who I am and what I’m capable of.

In my quest to help my clients to activate the Alchemist within them, I’ve synthesized depth psychology, humanistic psychology, comparative mythology, archetypal psychology, neurolinguistic programming, developmental psychology, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, qigong, and over 50 transformative practices.

I’ve been encouraged to share this work with a broader audience, and so here we are.

Explore. You'll find in-depth, self-development guides on topics including creativity, psychology, brain health, mindsets, energy, productivity, mind training, and self-mastery.

On this website, I share many of the secrets that have helped my clients slay their dragons, scale their business, and transform themselves. Find what serves you and discard the rest.

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"I’ve looked for answers on my deep inner questions so much on different places and couldn’t find anywhere such comprehensive answer like you give in your articles."
– A. D.

"Just wanted thank you for the step-by-step guide to uncovering your personal values! I have felt like I was floundering and without focus or priorities for a while. Just going through your exercise made many of the questions I had somehow either answer themselves or not matter nearly as much."
– Adriane Cooper

"I’ve been stuck in a rut for a bit and [your website is] helping me realize my valuesvision, and path. Thanks for your hard work and efforts. 
– Kayla Quinn

"It has been a pleasure and will continue to be so as I read through your guides. I enjoy reading your work as it is self-explorative for me and good insight to help others develop themselves."
– Benjamin Gardner

“Scott is an accomplished writer with a deep understanding of the human underworld.”
– Alannah Delene

“I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have been following your 7 Step Guide to Discovering Your Core Values and it has been so much fun for me!"
– Hannah Rettler

“I have been hugely impressed by your insights which I read with interest and apply in my role. Keep up the great work.”
– Ali Lowe

About Scott Jeffrey

For over two decades, I've been working with a remarkable group of entrepreneurs, chief executives, thought leaders and best-selling authors, guiding them along their individual alchemical journeys.

I help my clients unlock, upgrade, and transform by synthesizing the most powerful insights from eastern philosophy, depth psychology and a plethora of transformative practices in our quest to activate more of our higher potential.

Here are some professional highlights ...

scott jeffrey

 Tony Zarsadias 

 CEO, The Condo Group 


“If you feel like you’ve tried everything to reach the next level in business but just haven’t made it, look no further. Scott Jeffrey has been instrumental in helping our business reach new heights. He is a brilliant strategist, who also masterfully blends in effective methods for peak performance. Scott helped us refocus on activities that make us more profitable and helped us gain more clarity than we’ve ever had on what truly matters in our business. We are in the midst of having our most profitable year ever, and we attribute the gains to Scott’s guidance. I highly recommend Scott to any entrepreneur who knows their business has more potential than they are currently realizing, but don’t know what step to take next.”