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"Your blog is in the company of Seth Godin, Derek Halpern and Tony Robbins.”

Alexander Keehnen

The Influential Executive Podcast & Executive Coach

"I always learn something new from your posts. I appreciate your insight and content."

Wendy Leask

Bookfit Warrior, Author & Coach

"Another fantastic piece, Scott. Always look forward to your insights."

Keith Norris

Co-founder of Paleo f(x) & personal Trainer

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have been following your 7 Step Guide to Discovering Your Core Values and it has been so much fun for me!"

Hannah Rettler

Blogger & Soul Coach

"I’ve been reading your digests all along. You are doing great work and basically “the” work. I am grateful for your articles.

Michael Lubomirski

SoulMastery Coach & Trainer

"Just in last two weeks I’ve learned so much from what you offer online, and it is exactly what I needed on my self-exploration quest right now! I love the way you present difficult subjects with so much clarity and with no sugar coating and marketing tricks that penetrated all the areas of life."

Marina Okulova

CEOsage Reader

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