Seven Attributes of a World-Class Team Member

by Scott Jeffrey

We’ve already stated the obvious: Companies that foster effective teams have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Since effective team building is difficult and takes an investment of time and energy, mastering this area of business can be a financially fruitful endeavor. Plus, being part of a great team makes your work more enjoyable and adds to your overall quality of life.

What does it take to be a world-class team member? What qualities must you possess to help contribute to and support your collective?

1) Results-Driven

You are driven by a larger vision—an end picture bigger than your own personal objectives. You keep the team’s objective in mind at all times and work diligently towards its achievement.

2) Accountability

You are accountable for your actions and responsibilities and you hold your teammates accountable for theirs. Your high level of accountability gives your team members certainty that you’ll get your part done.

3) Empathy

You are aware of your own feelings and the feelings of your teammates. You aren’t overly sensitive and you don’t engage in office politics, but you are aware of what’s not said, which deepens your connection and ability to communicate openly with your teammates.

4) Integrity

You uphold a high personal standard. You are honest, open and trustworthy. You don’t play mind games. You do what you think is best for the team and the greater good.

5) Humility

You are confident in character and grounded with humility. You are not afraid to ask for help, admit ignorance or say you don’t understand. Humility is the universal trait of creative genius as it brings the willingness to grow.

6) Supportive

You are supportive of your team members. You find ways to uplift, inspire and honor them. In serving your team members, you serve yourself and the team.

7) Willingness

You are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of you. You serve as a role model for the rest of the team and inspire a deeper level of commitment to the team.

All seven of these attributes represent areas of growth and discovery for each of us. You might excel at certain attributes and be deficient in others, but by becoming aware of each of them, you can constantly grow in your abilities as a world-class team member.

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