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CEOsage provides loads of in-depth guides that address different dimensions of self-leadership.

As an avid researcher, I’m always testing out and experimenting with different tools and resources that get specific results. Sometimes, the results are experiential. Other times, the research or concept behind the tool is sound enough to warrant using them.

I’ve battle-tested almost all of the resources here, and I actively use many of them. Regardless of what stage you’re at, you’ll find tools to support you.

Disclaimer: Many of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase these resources using these links, I'll earn a small commission to support this website. This commission does not add any additional cost to you.

You use the codes provided below, you can get an additional discount on most of these products.

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Enhance Your Meditation

The Mastery Method: I developed this simple program a few years ago to help my clients access their center more quickly. It can be useful as a process before you meditate.

Profound Meditation Program 3.0: iAwake Technologies’ flagship meditation program. I used it for years. You can download a free track here.

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Awaken Your Mind: Subtle Energy Sciences’s digital mandala app and audio program. SES produces many unique programs.

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Muse 2: One of the most popular meditation tools on the market, using biofeedback.

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Improve Your Sleep

blue light reading glasses

Spectra479 Amber Glasses: These mber-tinted glasses are tested to block 100% of light from the 280-490 nm range and 99.82% in the critical 450-510 nm range.

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Ground Therapy Sleep Mat Kit: Reduce EMF with this earthing sleep pad. 

Ground Therapy Throw Kit: Help you stay grounded at night to reduce EMF exposure and improve your sleep.

Organic Mattress: Sleep on a mattress with no toxins or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to improve respiration while you sleep. 

Optimize Your Brain

best nootropic stacks qualia

Qualia Mind: An excellent nootropic stack for mental clarity and alertness developed by Neurohacker Collective. 

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Daylights Elite: Blue blocking glasses designed by TrueDark specficially for day-time use in front of a computer and other artificial light. Blocks 75% of blue light.

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Water Filters: If you want to optimize your cognitive functioning, it's important to drink water free of fluoride. 

Read my full review.

earthing universal mat - grounding at desk

Earthing Universal Mat: Ground yourself while you work to reduce EMF build-up that leads to burning out, inflammation, and a lack of focus.

Increase Your Energy

Authentic Shilajit: A hand-sourced plant material produced over millions of years packed with 85 different trace minerals. 

fulvic acid pineal gland supplement

Fulvic Iocinc Minerals X350: Contains fulvic acid, humic acid, essential amino acids, and 77 trace minerals in a super-high concentration. 

Lugol's Solution of Iodine: This particular version from J.Crow's is a 5% solution. Iodine is a vital mineral to asst the thyroid gland as well as an excellent chelator of heavy metals from the body.

Audio Rejuvenation: A digtal mandala or quantum energy app by Eric Thompson of Subtle Energy Sciences. This program also contains a powerful audio component.

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Best Webhosting Service

Liquid Web offer super-fast speed and reliable performance, which is what's essential to both your visitors/customers as well as search engines. But you also need exceptional customer support, and Liquid Web offers that too. It's one of the few web hosts that makes it easy to speak to a real human! I highly recommend this host.

Looking for Wordpress hosting? 

Get 35% off 3 months of Managed WordPress hosting at Liquid Web. Use code: CEOSAGE

Just starting out? If you’re starting out and you’re on a shoestring budget, check out BlueHost or  SiteGround. Most developers say SiteGround offers better reliability and performance than other low-budget web hosts.

Best Email Marketing Solution

If you’re a savvy marketer, blogger, or infopreneur looking to convert more customers and generate more sales, check out ConvertKit. ConvertKit is superior at creating email automation and sequences for marketing to your list.

Just starting out? If you’re starting out to grow your email list, Mailchimp is excellent—especially since they’re free for your first 2,000 subscribers.

Best Lead Generation Software

The easiest-to-use and most popular solution for creating attractive opt-in forms on your website is Optinmonster.

Optinmonster was the pioneer in “exit intent” popups. They make A/B testing opt-ins and running experiments fast and easy.

If you’re a little more hands-on and like using Wordpress-based plugins, I recommend Thrive Leads.

Best Lead Generation Software for Wordpress

If you’re a little more hands-on and like using Wordpress-based plugins, I highly recommend Thrive Leads.

Thrive Leads is built on the Thrive Architect platform, giving you incredible flexible with a full range of opt-in customization. Thrive Leads is just as versatile as Optinmonster but at a fraction fo the price.

Best Keyword Research Tool

Chances are if you didn’t hear about my website from a friend, you got here through a Google search. And that wasn’t an accident or luck. I use over a half dozen different SEO tools to find keyword opportunities and improve my search ranking. My favorite took for keyword research is LongTail Pro. It’s designed to do one thing: help you find keyword opportunities. And it does its job better than the other 8 service I’ve used. Try their 7-day free trial.

My second favorite tool that I use in conjunction with LongTail Pro is KW Finder

Best All-in-One SEO Tool

Finding keywords you can rank for is one part of the process; finding other opportunities to improve your ranking is the second. SEMRush offers a treasure chest of awesome resources for SEO research, competitive analysis and tracking to will help you find lots of new opportunities. 

Best Landing Page Builder

You have two excellent options: Leadpages and Clickfunnels. Leadpages used to be the only game in town. They make it super easy to create attractive landing pages for your business. For many entrepreneurs, Leadpages is an excellent solution. However, if you’re selling information-based products or you want to create multi-page sequences (sales funnels), Clickfunnels is your best option. Clickfunnels is more versatile, and if you’re serious about growing your business, Clickfunnels makes it relatively easy to build powerful marketing funnels.

Best Landing Page Builder for Wordpress

However, if you’re looking for a Wordpress-based page builder, I recommend Thrive Architect. Although it doesn’t follow all of Wordpress’s standards (which means you can have plugin conflicts and other technical glitches), they have great support and the plugin offers a lot of flexibility for creating professional-looking pages without any programming skills. I use Thrive Architect on my website.

Best Shopping Cart Software

If you’re selling digital products and already using Clickfunnels, you’ve got this covered. However, if you’re using another page builder like Leadpages or Thrive, the best option for a marketing-centric shopping cart is Samcart.

If you’re selling physical products, Shopify is an excellent platform for growing your e-commerce business.

Best Online Course Platform

Perhaps the easiest and most popular way to teach online courses is using Teachable. (Check out their free live training: 7 Steps to Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course)

If, however, you have a Wordpress website, LearnDash the way to go. (It’s the plugin I use for my courses.)