If there was a way to gain more clarity and make positive changes in your behavior— without willpower—would you grab it?

Here's a unique opportunity to once-and-for-all discover and integrate your personal values into your daily life:  

Everyone can intuit that they have a person inside of them that can think, feel, and act in alignment with our ideals.

Yet somehow, something often manages to get in the way ...

What happens when you live outside your values?

Here are four signs that you're not living in accord with your values:

  • F​​​​​requent compulsive or neurotic behaviors
  • A feeling of floundering with a a lack of personal development
  • Persistent addictive tendencies that consume your attention
  • square-o
    A "hidden" lack of self-worth (feeling like you're not enough)

Even though the above problems are often attributed to different causes, they are all clear signs that you're living in conflict with your values.

And the reality is that most of us can identify with these issues to varying degrees. Thankfully, there's a simple solution for all of this ...

Why are you interested in discovering your values?

The unspoken values of modern culture are image, money, power, success, and sex. While these values may be part of our nature, they don’t define who we are.

These inherited values tend to pull us away from our higher selves like a strong magnet. They don't uplift us as individuals and inspire us to grow.

And so a growing number of us are waking up to the realization that values can be powerful guides to your decisions, attitudes, behaviors, and actions.

More and more of us are taking matters into our own hands. And defining our values is part of this awakening.

Then why doesn't everyone live by personal values?

The reality is that most people don't know how important values are.

But even if you figure this out, it can be challenging to limit your primary values to only a few. I mean, how do you narrow your values down to the real 3 that matter to you?

After all, there are hundreds of values to choose from.

How do you know you're selecting your true values and not someone else's? 

Then, let's say you work this part out. 

Now what?

How do you live your values and make them stick?

How can you be sure you're aligned with them?  How do you set priorities?

To unleash the true power of values, you can't just know what they are, you need a way of integrating them into your daily life

Do you want to really know your personal values?

Like all of the in-depth guides on my website, the basic version of this Values Discovery Process is available for free. Many thousands of individuals have used it clarify their values and emailed me to share their experiences.

For example, Adriane Cooper wrote: "Just wanted thank you for the step-by-step guide to uncovering your personal values! I have felt like I was floundering and without focus or priorities for a while. Just going through your exercise made many of the questions I had somehow either answer themselves or not matter nearly as much."

And Hannah Rettler said, “I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have been following your 7 Step Guide to Discovering Your Core Values and it has been so much fun for me!"

When you know your values, you can:

  • G​​​​et more clarity and direction
  • Make superior decisions
  • Have more consistent behavior
  • square-o
    Experience greater fulfillment and contentment

Knowing your values is like having a personal North Star guiding you to your best self. 

The #1 challenge individuals face when they try to determine their values

But many individuals have requested more assistance. Over 30% of those I’ve survey never get through the entire process. And 70% wonder if they’ve completed the process correctly and selected the right values for them.

It’s understandable. Few of us have any context for knowing our unique values, and most of us are disconnected from them.

After sending out surveys to thousands of subscribers who went through my 7-step process, the biggest problem readers reported is self-honesty.

That is, how do you know what’s really most important to you versus what you think it should be?

Then, the second challenge is actually narrowing the list to a select few that you can work with.

In fact, it’s during the selection stage that many people abandon the discovery process entirely.

Introducing The Ultimate Core Values Workshop

And so I’ve developed a new online course that walks you step-by-step through a values discovery and integration process with video instruction.

This course is guaranteed to help you discover your true values. (If it doesn't, simply contact me and we'll issue a full refund.)

The Ultimate Core Values Workshop has two main parts with 17 concise modules.

Part 1 follows a similar (but more refined) version of the 7-step process. I'll walk you through the process step-by-step:

Part 1: Seven steps to discover your values

Here's a brief outline of the Values Discovery Process:

Module 1: Primer

Module 2: Find Your Center
Module 3: Brainstorm Your Values
Module 4: Group Your Values
Module 5: Highlight Central Themes
Module 6: Determine Your Top Values
Module 7: Give Your Values Meaning
Module 8: Test Ecology for Each Value

While these steps are similar to my published guide, I'll be taking you significantly deeper into the discovery process in these modules.

Using Your Values to Change Your Behaviors

But Part 2 is the section I’m most excited about for you.

It’s one thing to determine your core values. However, like many processes (vision, mission, purpose, etc), there’s often an initial sense of achievement before letting the information slip out of your mind.

How do you stay true to your values?

Many individuals (and businesses) might define their core values (think Enron), but how many actually live them?

And so, Part 2 outlines a process you can use to integrate your core values into who you areto make them a part of how you show up in the world each day. THIS is what gives values their true power.

Part 2: The Values Integration Process

Here's a quick breakdown of the modules I'll walk you through in the Values Integration Process:

Module 1: Values Signs 

Module 2: Assess Your Current Alignment
Module 3: Map Your Key Values
Module 4: Determine Key Behaviors
Module 5: Establish Behaviors Links
Module 6: Determine Your Big Three
Module 7: Create Your Action Plan
Module 8: Reevaluate Your Experience

Module 9: The Essence of Virtuosity

By the end of this Values Integration Process, your values won’t be a mere collection of words; they will be a living, breathing behavioral guideposts that are an integral part of how you live each day.

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