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An in-depth training program designed to help you get to know and integrate your shadow.

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What is Shadow Training?

Shadow Training is an in-depth, online course designed specifically for individuals committed to their psychological development, spiritual growth, and self-mastery.

Most of the literature you'll find on the shadow is written by academics (mostly the Jungian community). While this information is valuable, it's mainly written for a "professional" and tends to be theoretical in nature.

Shadow Training is designed to be highly practical and easy-to-follow for the layperson. No prior experience necessary. This training course is unique. It's unlike that you'll find anything like it anywhere else.

This hands-on program gives you all the theory, tools, and methods you need to make rapid progress in your psychological development.

Finally get to know and integrate your shadow so you can resolve internal tension and return home to your self!

What are people saying about Shadow Training?

Sharon Roy

Shadow Training Member

Shadow Training made me even more aware of my dark side. We can never have enough opportunities to see, accept, and even love that part of ourselves too. It helps me not take myself so seriously. I loved the content in the lessons and the new language and concepts to apply to shadow work. I recommend this program to all humans!

Keith Norris

Co-founder & Chief Development Officer, Paleo f(x)

As an avid student of the work of Carl Jung, and as someone who has participated in over 70 Ayahuasca ceremonies, I know first hand just how vitally important shadow work is in becoming your optimized self. Without a serious guide, doing this work is like trying to navigate without a compass. Scott Jeffrey's Shadow Training course IS now my compass. I highly recommend it be yours as well.

Amanda Clearwater

Shadow Training Member

Before taking this course, I felt fairly confident and integrated in my inner psychology, including the shadow. But I knew there was more. I signed up because I wanted to go further in my existing shadow work, and suspected I could continue to grow through the personal guidance of someone like Scott. I was right!

With the additional layers and depths I have been able to explore through this course, I have increased my in-the-moment awareness of dynamics at play in myself and others. In short, it's easier and quicker to go beyond the surface/facade and recognize more meaningful patterns and realities. This course is so thoughtfully designed, with material you won't get in this effective way anywhere else. And the positive personal results just keep rolling.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in personal development, especially as it relates to awareness and development of personal internal states as well as broad human patterns. In short, anyone interested in the spectrum of psychology!

Shawn Watson

Shadow Training Member

I knew very little about my shadow and reacted angrily to many things. I felt that something was blocking me but I didn't know what. And blaming this or that thing or event stopped making sense. Now that I’ve taken Shadow Training, I know there are aspects of my shadow active in me. Instead of getting swept up in emotions, I can recognize my shadow popping up and simply acknowledge its presence, accept it, and carry on without going down the broken record path again.

If you're struggling to figure out why you seem to keep struggling, this course will help reveal the part of you that may actually enjoy the struggle and the pursuit of the “next big thing” that never seems to solve anything. It can also help reveal any number of other shadow elements actively working against what you say you want or believe.

Eda Utku

Shadow Training Member

I enrolled in Shadow Training mainly because I wanted to be a better parent. Now, I watch out for my tendency to get carried away in achieving and seeking praise which cuts off my relationship with my partner and children and causes them to act up to get my attention.

This course wakes you up to unconscious behaviours that have a negative impact on your enjoyment of life. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to experience a more fulfilling life. 

Alexander Keehnen

Shadow Training Member

I've made my personal development my top priority 11 years ago, so I have gotten to know myself quite well. But I decided to enroll in Shadow Training because it is different than all other personal development courses—massive self-reflection at a deeper level than anything I've seen. Plus, I greatly respect Scott as a writer, so I was curious about his latest creation.

Now, I catch my shadow more often. The most important change thus far is that I allow my "negative" shadow to express itself rather than pushing it away. This gives the Observer a more complete image of how ‘Alexander’ really is programmed at this moment.

I recommend Shadow Training to anyone who has made personal development their priority and who already spent several years getting to know themselves.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
― Carl Gustav Jung

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