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Reset Your Mind to "Activate" Your Natural Potential

The Mastery Method is a multi-layered guided process with advanced brainwave entrainment technology designed to help busy individuals make meaningful progress in their self-development. 

"Only twice in my life have I felt this peaceful centered calm..."

"When I opened my eyes I was clear-headed and able to focus easily..."

"The method seemed suspiciously easy yet the effectiveness was mind-blowing..."

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What If You Could "Turn On" Your Superhuman Potential Right Now?

From: Scott Jeffrey, Founder of CEOSage, Inc and Creator of The Mastery Method

If you have a curious mind, within 30 minutes you can experience something that has the potential to reshape how you work and function each day.

Here's your "risk": It will take about 30 minutes to learn a method that can transform your level of focus, confidence, creativity, and resourcefulness.

And once you learn it, you can use it on command.

I know, it sounds like a BIG claim.

And I'd be skeptical too. But if you're willing to run a no-risk experiment, within 30 minutes you'll be in a position to evaluate whether it's true for you ...

Scott Jeffrey, Founder of CEOSage, Inc. and Creator of The Mastery Method

Quiet your mind so you can focus on what’s most important

Release stress and defuse anxiety so you can enjoy deep levels of relaxation

Activate superior cognitive functioning so you can make more effective decisions

You Know That Feeling When You’re Just ON?

You don’t get distracted easily. Fear and self-doubt aren't present. And "procrastination" isn't even in your vocabulary.

You simply know what to do and how to do it. And everything just seems to flow effortlessly.

Have you ever wanted to experience these states more frequently? To access them on command?

If so, why hasn’t it happened for you?

If you’re like most people (including myself), you get distracted easily. You don’t stay focused on what’s most important for long.

Instead, what happens?

  • Your attention gets fragmented into many different directions.
  • Eventually, you may even fool yourself into believing that checking email or social media means you're getting things done.
  • Plus, that pesky inner critic appears in the form of fear and self-doubt, giving us reasons why we won't succeed.
  • And that's when our laziness and procrastination begin to take over.

Sure, if you know what needs to get done, you try to push through. But that often doesn’t work. Plus, trying to push through is exhausting. 

Any of this sound familiar?

​Thankfully, We Can Change This Unsupportive Pattern of Behavior ...

By the time you read this page to the end, you’re going to discover that there is a way—a method—you can use to access this state of high mental performance whenever you need it most.

In Awakening the Mind, Anna Wise defines mastery asbeing in the state you want to be in, when you want to be there, knowing what to do with that state, and being able to accomplish it.

Isn’t that the mental state you’re after? It’s the state of personal mastery.

I also wanted to know how to access higher mental performance and more of my creative potential while I worked.

I’ve been a personal development and business coach for over 20 years. I work with many successful entrepreneurs, chief executives, and New York Times bestselling authors.

I was always searching for better techniques and technologies for increasing focus and peak performance to help my clients and myself. But after 20 years investing countless hours in reading books and exploring various mind training practices, I got frustrated.

Was this really all worth it? Were my clients (and I) making real progress in their development? Or am I just deluding myself?

I Didn't Like My Answers ...

The answers I was getting from these questions was far from encouraging. You see, I had jumped into personal development when I was 18. I had no idea what I was doing. And so, I blindly followed one thing after the next without knowing what I was searching for.

But over time I began to notice there were moments where I didn’t need to look outside of myself.
There was an internal knowing of what I needed to do. And I trusted this knowing. These times, of course, were the exceptions. The problem I had was that I didn’t know how to access this internal resourcefulness—a state I've come to call the Center.

This state isn’t like the “peak state” you hear about in self-help circles. That’s more about giving yourself a jolt of adrenaline in an effort to break through your fears...

The Hunt to Become a Modern-Day Jedi ...

The state I was after was different.

In this state, I was calm, clear, and centered. It reminded me of the state of a Jedi from Star Wars.

In this state, I didn't have to break free from my fears and self-doubt. Instead, I could see them clearly and come to understand and accept them.

And so I went on a hunt to find a technique that would allow me and those I worked with to trigger or access this state at will.

Exploring the Gamut of Self-Development Methods and Technologies ...

I had already been meditating for many years, having practiced over a dozen forms of meditation. But these practices didn't help me access this state at will. 

​I experimented extensively with most, if not all, of the popular brainwave entrainment programs on the market.

And I invested thousands of dollars in other mind tools like light devices, biofeedback gadgets, and alpha stimulation technology.

Some of these tools brought me close to this desired state, but it wasn’t practical. First, it took at least 30 minutes to hour to get into the desired state. And second, it wasn’t consistent.

Certain nootropics and mind-altering substances also helped me enter this state, but I didn’t want to rely on these substances either. And they too weren't reliable.

I was looking for something that would help me access this state at will.

After Thousands of Hours of Experimentation and over $10K in Tech ... EUREKA!

And that’s when I finally realized that the answer was right in front of me.

I had been practicing qigong and internal martial arts for many years.

Applying principles from Taoist alchemy and with a little tweaking of mind and body, I was able to enter this state of mastery at all.

But why was this so challenging to access this state in the first place?

After all, this state is our natural state as adults.

I believe we are all highly resourceful, competent people when our brains are switched on and our bodies are in alignment.

But if that truly is our natural state, then why does it seem so rare for most of us?

10,000 Hours ... and Other Misconceptions Holding Us Back

​​The truth is that it’s not our fault. The conditions of society and culture are largely set up for us to struggle.

For example, we are conditioned to believe that to get more done we have to move faster and try harder. The truth is the opposite.

When you’re in a state of mastery, you move slower and more deliberately.  Trying harder creates tension in your body. When you’re in your Center, you are effortless, applying just the right amount of effort, but not more than that.

Another big misconception is the often-quoted 10,000 hours of required training. You’ve heard it before: you need 10,000 hours of practice in one area to achieve mastery.

The truth is that you if you know how to get out of your own way, you can achieve mastery significantly faster by access this state first.

Center yourself quickly so you can rise above procrastination and self-doubt

Evoke instant calm by becoming more present without force or effort.

Trigger  flow states so you can enhance your creativity and enjoy whatever you're doing.

​​Introducing The Mastery Method

I immediately noticed a dramatic lift in my self-awareness, mental clarity, focus, calm, and resourcefulness.

I also observed how my clients were often out of their Center too. And I began using the method with them as well.

It’s amazing how a person can go from being confused about a problem to having total clarity within a matter of 60 seconds.

But from this mastery state, I naturally started being more conscious of where I was investing my time.

I also noticed that now I was less likely to get sucked into the drama of others. I could now more quickly catch when I was getting triggered emotionally. And I now had a choice as to how to respond or to just let it go.

It Doesn't Take Long to Tap Into This Natural Mental Potential ...

Reflecting back, hundreds, if not thousands, of hours went into developing this method. But it was worth it.

You can learn the core method in 30 minutes. And within the first few  sessions you’ll begin to feel the results. Within a short period, you’ll be able to access this state of mastery at will.

It used to take me an hour to enter this state and the results were unpredictable. Now, I can drop into this Centered state in under a minute. And it works consistently.

Pilot Study Results

September 2017

A sample group of beta testers were surveyed after their first time using The Mastery Method. Here are some of the results:

  • 90% of participants reported being "more calm and less stressed."
  • 80% of participants reported a "quieter mind with less thoughts."
  • 80% of participants reported "experiencing heightened awareness."
  • 70% of participants reported "greater mental clarity and focus."
  • 70% of participants reported they felt "less emotionally reactive."

And this was only after their first time using The Mastery Method!

Everything You Need to Enter a State of Mastery Quickly and Safely

mastery method program

To ensure you have all the tools you need to enter a state of mastery, here's what you'll receive in this program bundle:

The Mastery Method audio program (MP3) — $97 Value

At the core of the program is a guided process that uses advanced brainwave entrainment technology. After providing the necessary context, the process guides you into a state of mastery (with powerful brainwave entrainment in the background) on your first listen. Also included is a "Method Only" track you can use on-the-go to activate the state of mastery on command.

The Mastery Method Companion Guide (PDF)

The Companion Guide is packed with useful tips to build on your experience using The Mastery Method. It will also help you identify limiting beliefs that subconsciously hold you back from entering a state of mastery.

BONUS #1: The Center (MP3) — $47 Value

You’ll also receive "The Center"—a powerful 20-minute brainwave entrainment bonus track masterfully engineered exclusively for this program. The Center is designed to help you enter a deep state of calm with heightened self-awareness. It will help you center yourself and reinforce your experience using The Mastery Method.  The Center track is ideal to use midday when you want to recharge or in the evening when you want to decompress. It will leave you feeling wakeful and relaxed.

BONUS #2: Mastering Your Morning (PDF) - $26

My Mastering Your Morning ebook provides loads of "secrets" to having not just a productive day, but a highly creative one. The science-backed principles and techniques in this ebook work in conjunction with the The Mastery Method. It gives you loads of practical applications for using the Method each day to create your best work.

If All This Program Did Was Help You Quiet Your Mind and Eliminate Distractions ...

The Mastery Method program alone sells for $97, The Center brainwave entrainment program is valued at $47, and Mastering Your Morning is valued at $26. The total value of this package is $170.

If all this did was give you a quieter, calmer mind, would it be worth it?

And if all this method did was help you eliminate distraction so you can focus better while you work, would it be worth it?

But I want to make this a no-brainer for you. So instead of $170, you can access the entire program bundle right now for only $97. Plus, right now, there's a limited-time 20% discount so pick up now while it's fresh on your mind ...

What Happens if The Mastery Method Doesn't Work For You?

If you’re like the pilot group and other customers, you'll begin experiencing the benefits of The Mastery Method on your first use.

However, if after experimenting with The Mastery Method within your first 30 days, you don't feel it's helping you realize a more calm, clear, centered mental state, contact me for a full refund.

​Just Imagine Being Able to Enter a State of Resourcefulness, Mental Focus, Calm, and Clarity At Will ...

Consider how it can transform how you work and the results you achieve.

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What Others Are Saying About the Mastery Method ...

 Keith Norris 

 Co-Founder, Paleo f (x) 


"Like many “type A” personalities, I know the importance of meditation for health and productivity, but I just can’t quiet my mind long enough to realize the benefits. Then I just get frustrated.

"My first session with The Mastery Method completely changed my perception of what 'meditation' could be. I not only finished that session (and felt great following!), but I now have a morning practice that takes no time and gives me that "calm center" that I've always sought, but was too impatient and fidgety to achieve. And that calm center allows for more effective creative periods and better executive decisions."


"The Mastery Method had me tuned in within moments. I felt an almost-uniform calm energy wave over my body, and was able to tune into subtle sensations and relax tensions I didn’t know I had. When I opened my eyes I was clear-headed and able to focus easily and my mind was quiet. 

"When I opened my eyes I was clear-headed and able to focus easily, breathing consistently (I am prone to erratic breathing), and my mind was quiet. I felt energized and I immediately got to work on a writing assignment I had been putting off for days. Thank you for developing this Scott!"

Tova Kaplan


Mark Patchett

Marketing Consultant


“I've been practicing meditation on and off for a number of years. I thought I had a decent grasp over the process, outcomes, and benefits ... until I came across The Master Method. I was meditating to quiet my mind, yet my results were limited. The Mastery Method program attracted me because of the name and objective.

"The method itself seemed suspiciously easy yet the effectiveness was mind-blowing. I achieved what previously took me months to achieve in just a handful of minutes—and even better—the results were consistent every time I meditated.

“I simply sat down, listened to the method and was blown away by the outcome. Instead of sitting down to meditate for at least 30 minutes, in far less time, I was achieving amazing results that genuinely helped me achieve my goals. I'm now able to focus far more intently on the task at hand. I'm also able to ‘declutter’ my mind and approach problems from a point of view with far more clarity. I feel less stressed, more effective, and noticeably lighter.

Limited-Time Offer 


Get Immediate Access to The Mastery Method
 ($170 Value Package + Limited-Time 20% Discount)
Now Only $79

Like Instant Meditation ... But Better ...

The Mastery Method is a technique based on energetic principles that enables you to simultaneously quiet your mind and access heightened awareness quickly. Think of it as a "meditation hack" even if you don't meditate; it enables you to experience many of the effects of long-term meditation within minutes.

The Mastery Method program teaches you this technique through a guided meditative process (on MP3) that's augmented by brainwave entrainment technology to prime your mind for the experience.

This program is designed to help you:

Activate Superior Cognitive Functioning so you can be more productive and make effective decisions

Recharge Your Mental Energy so you can enjoy what you’re doing

Develop Heightened Self-Awareness so you can make meaningful progress in your personal development

Designed for busy professionals, the Method will guide you into enter this state of mastery. This process won't take years or month—but a matter of minutes!

Skeptical? I would be too. I practiced various forms of meditations for many years with limited results. But there's a key to entering a state of mental calm. And for some reason, it's not taught in most meditation programs or traditions.

(A meditation practice isn't required to use The Mastery Method. But if you do meditate, this Method can greatly augment your practice.)

Listen to a Sample of The Mastery Method

Sit at the edge of your chair, close your eyes, and press PLAY!

The Mastery Method will help you enter a state of mastery usually within a few minutes once you are familiar with the process.

Theodora Mantinaos

Managing Broker & Real Estate Investor


"I felt more energized and calmer than I usually am after using the Mastery Method. Only twice in my life have I felt this peaceful centered calm, and I have never been able to access it at will. The meditation practices I tried never "brought it on" or put me in that state either.

"Using The Mastery Method before a project keeps me focused on the task, and less anxious, so it's easier to complete. Upon completion my stress levels are much lower, and I feel less burdened.

"I'm less frazzled and calmer. I feel less overwhelmed with my mental to do list not looming over me. It will get done, I can't obsess and hold onto the overwhelming stress of it."

"I implement The Mastery Method just prior to the beginning of my writing routine. I find it allows me to narrow my focus acutely, without effort, resulting in an increase in writing flow. The simplicity, and the brevity, of the method makes it easy and practical to use every day. Thank you, Scott, for your innovative work!"
- Dee

Get Immediate Access to The Mastery Method 
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P.S. If you're skimming and just wanted to see the offer ... for $79, you get The Mastery Method program including the complete audio program, the comprehensive Companion Guidebook, a powerful 20-minute brainwave entrainment bonus program called "The Center", and Mastering Your Morning ebook—all designed to help you enter a state of mastery quickly and effectively. 

Results Guarantee: You'll likely begin to experience the benefits of The Mastery Method on your first use. However, if after experimenting with The Mastery Method within your first 30 days, you don't feel it's helping you realize a more calm, clear, centered mental state, I'll give you a full refund.

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