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Hi there! My name is Scott Jeffrey. I'm the founder of CEOsage, a transformational leadership agency and resource for self-actualizers. On this website, you'll find in-depth, self-development guides read by over 140,000 individuals each month. In these guides, I share many of the insights that have helped my clients slay their dragons, cultivate wealth, and unlock their innate genius.

"Your blog is in the company of Seth Godin, Derek Halpern and Tony Robbins...”
- Alexander Keehnen

"Your emails stand out amongst all of them..."
- Kaila Motz

"Your website is a gold mine of information..."
- Serena D'Amora

A Brief Look at Scott Jeffrey

For over two decades, Scott has been helping high-performing entrepreneurs, CEOs, best-selling authors, and thought leaders access their superhuman potential. 

He accomplishes this by integrating principles, insights, and methods from Jungian psychology, Taoist philosophy, humanistic psychologyqigong, alchemy, transpersonal studies, emotional intelligence training, and other modalities to help leaders scale their businesses without burning out.

For almost a decade, Scott was also a managing partner and marketing consultant at The Cult Branding Company, a consulting firm that offers consumer insights for leading brands like Kohl’s Department Stores, Scheels, LA Lakers, UNICEF, Turner Classic Movies, and The Life is Good Company.

His true passion is writing, connecting ideas, and sharing knowledge. Scott has authored numerous books including Creativity Revealed: Discovering the Source of Inspiration, published over 60 in-depth guides as well as over 100 articles on personal, psychological, professional, and organizational development.

He's a board member of Dimensions Educational Research Foundation that helps connect children with nature. And he lives in the foothills of the Catskills Mountains in New York. 

What Scott's Clients Are Saying ...

“Scott Jeffrey has been instrumental in helping our business reach new heights. He is a brilliant strategist, who also masterfully blends in effective methods for peak performance. Scott helped us refocus on activities that make us more profitable and helped us gain more clarity than we’ve ever had on what truly matters in our business. We are in the midst of having our most profitable year ever, and we attribute the gains to Scott’s guidance. I highly recommend Scott to any entrepreneur who knows their business has more potential than they are currently realizing, but don’t know what step to take next.”

Tony Zarsadias

CEO, The Condo Group

“Scott Jeffrey is the Bear Bryant of business coaches. He is also one of THE main people behind the scenes that coached and guided the success of The Traveler’s Gift—before it was ever published. He knows his stuff.”

Andy Andrews

New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Traveler's Gift and The Noticer

“If you’ve got a great idea, Scott Jeffrey can help you capitalize on it. He is the master Jedi of personal and professional coaching. He helps you find your greatest assets, focus on them, take advantage of them and share them for the world’s greater good.”

Chris Hilicki

Founder of Dalmatian Press, Author of May I Have Your Attention, Please

“Scott intuitively understands what I need as well as how to get me there. He helps me focus on results and then holds my feet to the fire for performance. He is an irreplaceable member of my inner circle and corporate team.”

​Wayne Hastings

Former Publisher, Thomas Nelson Bibles, Author of Trust Me

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