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12 Methods to Unlock Your Genius

What if you could silence that nagging voice inside your head that creates self-doubt?

What if there was a way for you become measurably more effective at everything you do without burning out?

The truth is that we’re all bombarded by distractions and information overload. And we all have fears about our abilities, competencies, and worthiness—even the people you know who may not act like it.

But as a coach to high-performing entrepreneurs for the last two decades, I’ve identified numerous skills that not only upgrade your mental performance, they also help you tap into the genius inside you.

Get instant access to all 12 powerful, step-by-step methods and start using them to activate more of the potential right away

You will notice the results—as long as you use them. (If you don’t, contact me for a full refund.)

Use these powerful methods to ...

Upgrade your professional development

Access higher mental performance

Jumpstart your self-actualization path

Methods to Activate Your Genius

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90-Day Guarantee

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In the Methods Course, you'll learn how to ...

  • Develop self-awareness to better regulate your thoughts, feelings, and behavior
  • Center yourself to increase your focus
  • Pulse your mental energy to achieve the best results
  • Breathe to produce almost immediate relaxation
  • Access your subconscious to gain insights and make difficult decisions
  • Silence your inner critic and self-doubt so you can make consistent progress in your  development
  • Activate your imagination for creative ideas and inspiration

This Methods Course is designed to help you self-actualize and create a life rich with growth, meaning and purpose.

Who Created this Course?

Hi, I’m Scott Jeffrey, author, business coach and founder of CEOsage, a transformational learning platform for self-actualizing individuals.

For over two decades, I've been helping entrepreneurs and CEOs activate their genius to earn more money, create a career that fulfills them, and step into their true self. Past clients include top executives at Kohl’s Department Stores, The Life is Good Company, Thomas Nelson Publishers, and numerous best-selling authors. 

In late 2016, I began sharing some of the insights I've gained from 25 years of self-development practices. Now, each month, over 200,000 readers access these in-depth guides on self-actualization, personal development, and psychological growth.

“Scott Jeffrey was instrumental in our companies growth from low 7 figures to 8 figures. His knowledge and perspective are unique and extremely challenging. Scott's unique outlook on the common problems we personally face is second to none. His wisdom has seeped into all areas of my life for the better. From marriage to parenting to facing my own insecurities, Scott's insights have been extremely valuable. I would highly recommend his material and coaching to any entrepreneur.

—Peter Goodwin, CEO, Groove Life

“Scott Jeffrey has been instrumental in helping our business reach new heights. He is a brilliant strategist, who also masterfully blends in effective methods for peak performance. Scott helped us refocus on activities that make us more profitable and helped us gain more clarity than we’ve ever had on what truly matters. We are in the midst of having our most profitable year ever, and we attribute the gains to Scott’s guidance.”

—Tony Zarsadias, CEO, The Condo Group

"Scott Jeffrey is the master Jedi of personal and professional coaching. He helps you find your greatest assets, focus on them, take advantage of them and share them for the world’s greater good.”

—Chris Hilicki, Founder of Dalmatian Press

Methods to Activate Your Genius

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