How to Expand Your Consciousness Using the Power of Archetypes

Here’s an image of Rembrandt’s painting Philosopher in Meditation:

archetypal psychology

The light of the sun pours through the window. Sitting in meditation, the Philosopher absorbs the light in its reflection on the floor. He reflects on the light of consciousness, readying himself to ascend the spiral stairway to enlightenment.

The Philosopher is an archetype, akin to the Wise Old Man.

But what is an archetype? And how can we use them to elevate our consciousness, support our development, and increase our achievements?

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The Ultimate Coaching Guide to Achieving Epic Peak Performance in Business and Anything Else

Overview: This in-depth peak performance coaching guide explains the science of peak performance in business and any other activity, providing proven methods for activating more of your potential here and now.


There’s an indescribable joy in optimal performance, at performing at one’s best.

The ultimate rewards of peak performance are found in breaking through to a higher level of development in oneself.

These breakthroughs bring a sense of freedom. Internal resistance falls away, and often, our sense of self with it. Absorbed in the task at hand, we access more of our innate potential.

We can pursue peak performance in whatever field interests us: sports, business, music, arts, negotiation, selling, mathematics, philosophy, writing, just to name a few.

But consistent peak performance eludes most of us. Peaking is the exception, not the rule.

In this week’s guide, we will explore the science of peak performance to discover ways to access this state with greater consistency.

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