creative process

The Joy of Discovery

It’s so easy to get stale in your business practices—even if you’re a creative professional. Our minds get locked into specific programming and ways of doing things.

Then, autopilot is triggered. The wonder and curiosity of the Child within gets imprisoned deep in the psyche, sometimes never to be heard from again.

The drive to learn and discover, however, is a prerequisite to the creative process. When the Child’s innate curiosity—an aspect of any well-integrated adult—and his attraction to learning is re-activated, life’s adventure takes on new meaning. What was once dry and pre-set becomes fun and spontaneous. Our habitual old patterns give way to a renewed sense of inner joy as the discovery process takes hold.

If you’re afraid to break free from social programming and cultural norms—if you resist the creative soul within you—keep in mind what you’re sacrificing. It’s a rare soul who defies convention to truly embrace his or her bliss (in Joseph Campbell’s use of the term).

Your adventure awaits. It begins once you re-ignite the joy of discovery innate to all of us. If you’re already on this path, then perhaps this message is simply a reminder to keep the flame blazing and to reaffirm your quest for higher understanding.

Relinquishing Control of the Creative Process

The more you try to be creative, the more creativity will elude you. Trying to capture the creative impulse is like grabbing water in your hand—the tighter your hold, the less water you retain.

The human ego has a constant drive to control its environment. Secretly believing that it is the source of the universe, the ego willfully looks to change everything. From the ego’s perspective, it is the source of creative inspiration.

Consciousness and psychological research, however, has demonstrated that the ego actually blocks creative expression. The more humility you possess, the more you are able to get out of your own way. As the ego’s hold is minimized, your creative potential is realized.

Instead of attempting to control the creative process, let go trying to change anything.

As a Student, your job is to explore the problem from every angle. But then, the Wanderer must step in. In the state of the Wanderer, the creative genius surrenders to the problem to something beyond himself and awaits the Muse’s answer.

When confronted with a difficult problem, seek to understand the nature of the problem. But then, simply allow the problem to be there. Your creative output can soar.