Get to Know and Integrate Your Shadow

Initiate your "Inner Journey"

What if you could do ONE THING that will trump all your other efforts at psychological development and behavioral change?

What if you could transform every personal conflict into an opportunity for self-development?

THE #1 prerequisite for psychological development and spiritual growth

Many intelligent, well-intended, committed individuals want to develop their personalities.

They want to change their behavior for the better.

They want to grow their level of confidence.

They want to develop into more mature adults and progress along their spiritual paths.

BUT when they look back over time, very little change takes place.

Sure, they might know a lot more now, but at their core, they are still the same.


Because they unknowingly tried to bypass the single most crucial process for inner growth:

Getting to know your shadow.

And for genuine growth, you cannot skip this process.

Don't misunderstand me: You can fake it for a looooong time. You can make others believe you have all your "stuff" together. You can even convince yourself that you're on top of your game. 

But eventually, everything you're ignoring about yourself—all the stuff that you've been pushing down and running away from for years—comes gushing to the surface. (Oftentimes this occurs around midlife, but nowadays many people are experiencing it at younger ages.)

What if Inner Freedom is in the opposite direction than you think?

The truth is that most psycho-spiritual information is designed to make you feel good. (I absorbed this feel-good literature for years too!)

And that feel-good message is appealing for two obvious reasons:

  • 1
    You don’t already feel good (not as “good” as you want to feel), and
  • 2
    You want to feel better about yourself.

But what if what you were truly searching for was to know yourself and come to acceptance of who you are?

What if seeking to feel good was keeping you locked in your old patterns —specific behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and ways of looking at yourself and others?

And what if what you really wanted was inner freedom, but this freedom required you to turn towards those things that don’t make you feel good?

Would you still be curious?

If you’re one of the courageous few, read on ...


noun. The personal shadow is a psychoanalytic term to describe everything within us that we don’t know about ourselves.

It’s often called our disowned self, or the “dark side” of our personality (even though we each have a light or “golden” shadow too).

When neuroscientists say that over 90% of human behavior is unconscious, they are suggesting the relatively enormous size of our shadows.


Simply put, shadow work has two parts: 

First, the process of getting to know the various aspects and dimensions of your personality of which you're not aware.

Second, reclaiming and integrating these disowned parts back into your conscious personality.

So what can Shadow Work do for you?

Through the course of getting to know and integrating your shadow, you can: 

Increase your confidence

because you will know yourself and come to terms with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Improve your relationships

because you’ll better regulate your subconscious motivations and more clearly understand others.

Understand yourself more completely 

because without shadow work we tend to suffer from ego distortions that create false views about who we are.

Enhance your physical and mental energy

because you’ll stop expending energy repressing various emotions in an attempt to run away from yourself.

Develop greater emotional intelligence

because you’ll finally be able to take responsibility for your shadow and unlock repressed emotions.

Elevate your creativity

because creativeness is your birthright that begins to flow spontaneously as you become more whole.

Dissolve your internal resistance to change

not by "breaking through" it but by understanding its true nature.

  • Improve your relationships because you’ll better regulate your unconscious motivations and more clearly understand others.
  • See yourself more clearly because without shadow work we tend to suffer from ego distortions that create false views about reality. 
  • Enhance your physical and mental energy because you’ll stop expending energy repressing various emotions and impulses of which you’re currently unaware.
  • Develop your psychology because you’ll finally be able to take responsibility for your shadow and become a more mature adult.
  • Elevate your creativity because creativeness is your birthright that begins to flow spontaneously as you become a more integrated individual.
  • Increase your confidence because you’re will know yourself and come to terms with the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Dissolve your internal resistance not by "breaking through" it, but by understanding its true nature.

These are just some of the remarkable benefits of shadow work.

Perhaps the most compelling thing is that you’ll find that you’re more “okay” with yourself. While this might not sound like much, I’ve found it to be worth more than gold.

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”
― Carl Gustav Jung

Is Shadow Work practical? 
Where can you apply it?

Consider the following 10 real-world scenarios:

  • Do you have a family member that rubs you the wrong way?
  • Do you find yourself in a continual cycle of conflict with your partner or spouse? 
  • Do you have work colleagues that you wish you didn’t have to interact with (and do everything you can to avoid)?
  • Do you sometimes sabotage business opportunities, and you don’t know why?
  • Do you ever find that certain negative emotions consistently nag at you despite your attempts to get rid of them?
  • Do you often feel so tired and lethargic that you can’t function without a jolt of caffeine?
  • Do you spend loads of your precious time on social media and don’t really understand why?
  • Do you sometimes have an emotional reaction that’s out of proportion with what’s actually happening at the time?
  • Do you get a sense that there’s some kind of creative potential within you but you can’t quite put your finger on it?
  • Do you often make decisions that clearly go against your long-term, best interests?

The reality that the shadow is operating “behind the scenes” in virtually all of our interactions with others―AND within our inner world too.

Shadow work brings insight, and eventually, resolution to these common problems that arise from unrecognized tensions within ourselves.

Introducing ...

Finally get to know and integrate your shadow so you can restore your energy, resolve internal tension, and be your true self!

Shadow Training is an online course designed specifically for individuals committed to their psychological development, spiritual growth, and self-mastery.

Most of the literature you'll find on the shadow is written by academics (mostly the Jungian community). While this information is valuable, it's mainly written for a "professional" and tends to be theoretical in nature.

I've designed Shadow Training to be highly practical and easy-to-follow for the layperson. No prior experience necessary. This training course is unique. I don't believe you'll find anything like it elsewhere.

This hands-on program gives you all the theory, tools, and methods you need to make rapid progress in your psychological development. (Although shadow work is an on-going process, you'll likely begin to experience a shift in your awareness within the first 30 to 60 days.)

What's inside Shadow Training?

Shadow Training contains over 20 lessons including:

How the Shadow forms ...

The transformative effects of shadow work

How psychological projection works

The skills necessary for making real progress

Dozens of attributes encountered in the shadow

The 8 archetypes that rule the shadow

10 powerful shadow work methods

Over a dozen tips to help integrate the shadow

Each in-depth module follows an audio-video slide tutorial accompanied by a written transcript and an audio-only streaming option. 

You'll have step-by-step instruction for getting to know your shadow

I'll break down, step-by-step how to get to know your shadow using a range of methods, from classic approaches to techniques I've developed from years of practice.

We'll cover classic methods like dream analysis and active imagination as well as a host of other effective methods you can apply right away. We'll break down ten different shadow work methods.

You don't need to use all of the shadow work exercises in this course to get results, but you'll have a full arsenal of tools you can use at different stages along your inner journey.

You'll learn three Shadow Triggers you can use on-the-spot to "catch" your shadow each day.  Using these Shadow Triggers will help you integrate your shadow more quickly.

In addition to having transcripts and audio-only versions for each lesson, you'll also have access to a downloadable step-by-step reference guide for each method.

Take the 70-Day Shadow Challenge

An additional bonus module provides a structured 70-Day Shadow Work Challenge to help you build momentum in your inner work. You don't have to partake in this challenge, but it's available if you want the added structure for this training.

Plus, you'll get lifetime access to Shadow Training. Revisit any module you want to improve your understanding of the material. All the insights and strategies you need to initiate the process of integrating your shadow are at your finger tips.

Embrace your shadow so you can unlock your true power

What do those who know their shadows do differently? How do they think and act when they face difficult situations that trip others up?

Shadow Training provides the insights to transform your relationship with yourself and others …

  • What to do when others rub you the wrong way
  • How to develop self-awareness skills for spotting your shadow
  • Why you should challenge 99% of what you believe about yourself
  • Shadow Triggers you can use each day to spot your shadow
  • How to begin deprogramming yourself from disempowering past conditioning
  • 8 shadow archetypes that influence almost all of your unconscious behavior
  • Access your authentic self more often and with greater ease
  • How to stop envying others and reclaim your inner gold
  • How to eliminate resistance that usually blocks shadow work
  • Ways to “catch” the shadow when it’s being elusive
  • 10 ways you can get started with shadow work right now

And this is just a sample of the insights packed inside this training course.

Listen to Tony Zarsadias's experience doing shadow work:

This "Inner Initiation" can transform darkness into power

It's all too easy to feel like you're suffocating from emotions like shame, fear, and guilt as well as disconnection and overall discontent.

Through this process of centering and shadow work, you'll learn a new way of relating to these impulses:

  • Understand and embrace these impulses instead of suppressing or avoiding them. 
  • Face what lies within you instead of getting distracted by fleeting pleasures and escapism.

And through this initiation, discomfort, confusion, and shock can transform into clarity, power, and self-liberation.

Why most people fail to integrate their shadow (even when they try)

The reality is that it isn't so easy to see your shadow, let alone come to terms with it. Our egos have a tendency of resisting the shadow at every turn.

Jung's depth psychology and psychoanalytic process was often a 5-day a week process that went on for many years. And based on most accounts (including his own), it wasn't very effective. 

Why? The answer lies in an Eastern concept called the Center. Shadow work can occur only when we're in the Center; it fails to happen when we're not.

So, I create another unique course based on Eastern studies and practices that works in conjunction with Shadow Training to aid those interested in making rapid progress...

Introducing Course #2

A powerful approach to cultivating self-awareness

Centering MasterWork is a unique course that provides vital tools for developing emotional intelligence and self-leadership skills.

Inspired by a synthesis of depth psychology, transpersonal theory, Chan Buddhism, and Taoist alchemy, the principles in Centering MasterWork are foundational for those who want to get to know and integrate their shadows.

And for this reason, I'm offering both courses together in a special package. 

In Centering MasterWork, you'll have access to 12 core video lessons with transcripts, in-depth tutorials, detailed guided audio training sessions, and other valuable resources available to download.

Combined with Shadow Training, Centering MasterWork can help you:

  • Cultivate sustainable levels of self-awareness
  • Reduce fear, self-doubt, and anxiety quickly
  • Develop higher consciousness using ancient methods
  • Generate and sustain greater levels of mental energy
  • Foster unprecedented levels of focus and attention

Centering MasterWork is a self-awareness training course that uses alchemical methods for internal transformation. This program provides a grounded approach to accessing your real potential

I've come to believe that the material presented in this course is a prerequisite for doing shadow work and making measurably progress one's psychological development. 

Including hands-on guided audio training sessions...

The Centering MasterWork course is designed to help you increase your self-awareness skills, which will make it infinitely easier to get to know your shadow. 

The course itself covers a wide-variety of effective principles and techniques for making progress. 

To help integrate the material in course, you'll also have access to an in-depth guided training program that will guide you through the process, step-by-step. These additional audio sessions are, in my opinion worth the value of this entire course. You will receive complete access as a member of this course bundle.

Brainwave Entrainment Bonus: Plus, when you enroll in this course bundle, you'll also receive a 20-minute powerful brainwave entrainment program called "The Center." This program uses isochronic tones and binaural beats to help you sink your awareness into your body so you can more easily access your Center when needed.

Shadow Training and Centering MasterWork are for you IF …

  • You’re willing to take an honest look at yourself and your behavior so you can see your blind spots.
  • You’re open to admit that you’re often dishonest with yourself and you’re willing to face reality to achieve greater freedom and contentment.
  • You’re willing to challenge a lot of what you might have picked up in the “New Age” literature and dive deep into the truth of your personality.
  • You’re committed to investing the time to reflect on your behaviors and attitudes so you can see yourself more accurately.
  • You’re willing to “peer behind the curtain” and see what’s really going on in order to make progress.

Shadow Training is NOT right for you IF …

  • Your main drive is to feel good about yourself.
  • You're not open to the idea that you may be deceiving yourself quite frequently.
  • You don't want to more closely observe your behavior and attitudes.
  • You aren't interested in developing greater emotional intelligence and mature adulthood.

Keith Norris

Co-founder & Chief Development Officer, Paleo f(x)

As an avid student of the work of Carl Jung, and as someone who has participated in over 70 Ayahuasca ceremonies, I know first hand just how vitally important shadow work is in becoming your optimized self. Without a serious guide, doing this work is like trying to navigate without a compass. Scott Jeffrey's Shadow Training course IS now my compass. I highly recommend it be yours as well.

Here's What's Inside This Special Offer

As part of this introductory launch promotion, you'll receive full access to both courses: Shadow Training and Centering MasterWork.

Shadow Training contains over 24 concise video tutorials . Centering MasterWork contains 14 video tutorials and a comprehensive audio program with two guided training sessions.  Plus, as a bonus, you'll also receive a powerful brainwave entrainment program called "The Center."

  • Immediate online access
  • Access anywhere from any device
  • Step-by-step video instruction
  • Unlimited course access
  • Loads of valuable downloads for reference
  • Full online support

Pick Your Format

Each lesson in Shadow Training and Centering MasterWork comes in video, audio, and transcript formats:

Get Instant Access to Both Courses

One-time Payment of $347

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact me.


Without question, Shadow Training and Centering MasterWork are unique programs on unusual topics. I want to make sure you can absorb all the content before you commit to this. So you have 90 days to let it digest, integrate it, and make sure it serves you.

Try both courses. 90 days is enough time to take them multiple times and then decide. If you don't find it valuable, let me know and you'll get 100% of your money back.

It's simple: Enroll and try it for yourself. If you aren't able to begin integrating your shadow within 90 days, please email me

Shawn Watson

Shadow Training Member

I knew very little about my shadow and reacted angrily to many things. I felt that something was blocking me but I didn't know what. And blaming this or that thing or event stopped making sense. Now that I’ve taken Shadow Training, I know there are aspects of my shadow active in me. Instead of getting swept up in emotions, I can recognize my shadow popping up and simply acknowledge its presence, accept it, and carry on without going down the broken record path again.

If you're struggling to figure out why you seem to keep struggling, this course will help reveal the part of you that may actually enjoy the struggle and the pursuit of the “next big thing” that never seems to solve anything. It can also help reveal any number of other shadow elements actively working against what you say you want or believe.

"What if I'm new to shadow work?"

Terrific! Shadow Training doesn't require any prior knowledge or experience. While many students will already be familiar with what the shadow is (from various books and lectures), most students who enroll in this course do not have prior experience working with their shadow.

"What if I fall behind?"

No worries. Each lesson is easy to follow with text, images and action steps (when relevant). You also have lifetime access to both courses so you can take a break from the material if you're out of town or really busy for a few days. The program will be there when you're ready.

"What is the point of Shadow Training?"

The aim of Shadow Training is threefold:

First, to give you a comprehensive understanding of what the shadow is, how it forms, and why it can be tricky to work with. Second, to provide you with the tools and methods for getting to know your shadow. And third, to support you on your inner journey to begin the shadow integration process.

"Who are these courses for?"

Both courses are designed for anyone interested in their psychological development, self-actualization, and spiritual growth. If you're interested in developing more emotional intelligence and self-leadership, the information in these courses will serve you.

"How long will these courses take?"

If you invest less than an hour a day, you can go through each course within a few weeks or so. However, these courses are training programs. You will likely want to return to the lessons again after that—especially the shadow work exercise lessons and the centering methods. Whether or not you elect to partake in the 70-day Shadow Work Challenge is entirely up to you.  

"What if I try these courses and I find they're not for me?"

No problem. You can enroll in this course package today and go through the material for the next 90 days. If, at any time, you decide that it’s not for you, contact me for a complete refund.

Jonty Fernandez

Performance Coach & Shadow Training Member

I'm continually on the lookout for compelling insights and fresh perspectives into the human condition to improve my results and my clients. Scott's Shadow Training presents an exquisitely ordered experience. He presents just the right context-to-theory-to-practice ratio. That means the learnings are able to be embodied and applied to your daily practice. I highly recommend Shadow Training for anyone serious about self actualization and better understanding the narrative of their story and place in the world. 

I'm Scott Jeffrey, the founder of CEOsage and the creator of these courses.

Okay, so what exactly qualifies me to as an expert to teach material like shadow work and centering? And can you trust me?  

First, I'm not a psychologist nor do I have a PhD. While this might be a negative to some people, for me, it has allowed me to "follow my bliss" and explore various topics based on where the "spirit moved me" instead of following any educational dogma.

I came to this material through the course of my own development and curiosity. I've been a student of psychology since my late teens. (Despite my youthful appearance, I'm approaching my mid-40s now.)

I don't consider myself any kind of "master" of this material. (And I recommend running from anyone who claims they are one.) I'm a practitioner, just like you. I apply this material daily in my own life and use it to support my clients.

One of my primary skills is the ability to distill and synthesize a range of complex topics into useful information for everyday folks like you and me. (If you've read some of my guides, you may know what I mean.) And so, instead of thinking of me as an "expert," perhaps it's best to perceive me as a "temporary guide" with material like shadow work.

Second, I don't subscribe to any one "school" of psychology. For example, I'm not a Jungian. That said, I have studied analytic approaches like Jungian psychology, humanistic psychology, transpersonal theory, developmental psychology, positive psychological, and behavioral science, among others.  

As much value as I've gained from Western psychology, however, it wasn't until I began deeply exploring Eastern philosophies and practices from various Taoist and Buddhist schools that things began to "click." I found that these traditions offer powerful methods that go way beyond what Western psychology offers on its own.

Why Do I Focus on Self-Leadership?

Although I pursued these topics out of personal interest, I'm also a business coach who works with chief-level executives and high-achieving entrepreneurs. 

For over two decades, I've worked directly with the leadership of companies ranging from Kohl's Department Store and The Life is good Company to dozens of smaller entrepreneurs who are successfully blazing their own trails.

Over time, the topic of self-leadership and self-mastery has become a critical focus because it's something that everyone needs, and yet, virtually all of us struggles with it. 

Why do we struggle with leading ourselves? Two main reason:

  1. We don't have a shared language for understanding what's going on within our psyche (or "mind" if you prefer).
  2. We haven't been taught practical methods and practices to help us get a handle on our inner world.

Because I don't subscribe to one particular school of thought, I've been able to synthesize a large body of knowledge and practices into a cohesive framework. While theory is interesting, the key to making rapid progress is to incorporate effective methods into our daily lives. And that's the main objective of these courses.

I love teaching topics like shadow work and centering because I believe they are foundational skills for anyone interested in authentic personal development. Plus, they are absolutely essential if you're in a leadership role of any kind (including being a parent).

These two courses are the most in-depth programs I'm releasing to-date. I will periodically update them as we interact together and I have an opportunity to better understand your questions.

What Others Are Saying About My Work...

"Scott’s blog is in the company of Seth Godin, Derek Halpern and Tony Robbins.”

Alexander Keehnen

The Influential Executive Podcast and Executive Coach

"I am loving your material, very interesting and inspiring. I have been working on Self Leadership for a while and I find your material very easy to follow and understand. Thanks for the work you are doing!"

Chio Zubiria

Director of Business Development, Bacardi Martini

“Scott Jeffrey is the Bear Bryant of business coaches. He is also one of THE main people behind the scenes that coached and guided the success of The Traveler’s Gift—before it was ever published. He knows his stuff.”

Andy Andrews

New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Traveler's Gift and The Noticer

“When you find out that there was never anything in the dark side to be afraid of … Nothing is left but to love.”
― Alan Watts

Tony Zarasdias

CEO, The Condo Group & Shadow Training Member

Initially, I had massive resistance towards getting to know my shadow. There were a lot of hurdles in looking at the "dark things." Before doing shadow work, I would often get triggered emotionally when dealing with a difficult client. This wasn't helpful for me or my ability to serve my clients. A part of me knew that my reactions had a deeper cause. And I also knew that these reactions where greatly limiting me. After taking Shadow Training and doing shadow work, I know myself much better, and I'm not triggered in meetings the way I used to be. It's made a massive difference for me.

Disclaimer About These Courses

Shadow work, in general, can be mentally and emotionally challenging. Shadow work requires you to confront many beliefs and “sacred cows” you may be holding about yourself and others.

You are likely to come up against realities that conflict with your self-identity. Through shadow work, you bring existing internal tensions hidden in your unconscious to your conscious mind. As such, you should only proceed with this training course if you feel like you’re in a relatively stable emotional and mental space.

Consider this a disclaimer. The content in these courses are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health condition. 

Get Instant Access to Both Courses

One-time Payment of $347

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact me.

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