Find Your True Focus with The Mastery Method

A multi-layered guided process and audio program with brainwave entrainment technology designed for busy professionals 

  • Quickly quiet your mind so you can focus on what’s most important.
  • Release stress and defuse anxiety so you can enjoy deep levels of inner stillness.
  • Activate superior cognitive functioning so you can think clearly and make effective decisions.

$49  (reg $79)


The Mastery Method had me tuned in within moments. I felt an almost-uniform calm energy wave over my body ... When I opened my eyes I was clear-headed and able to focus easily and my mind was quiet.  


Tova Kaplan

Producer, American Idol


My first session with The Mastery Method completely changed my perception of what 'meditation' could be ... And that calm center allows for more effective creative periods and better executive decisions.


Keith Norris

Co-founder, Paleo f(x)


The method itself seemed suspiciously easy yet the effectiveness was mind-blowing ... I'm now able to focus far more intently on the task at hand. I'm also able to ‘declutter’ my mind and approach problems from a point of view with far more clarity. 


Mark Patchett

Marketing Consultant

What if you could become measurably more focused and effective in your work without burning out even if you're really busy?

You’re faced with a barrage of responsibilities each day...

Your work has to get done...

Messages need to be answered (oh look, another one just came in!)... 

Key decisions need to be made...

Errands to run, family commitments, organizing, cooking ... the list goes on forever.

All those demands on your time and energy can leave you with almost nothing left for the important creative work that could change everything for you.

Like that writing project you said you’d finish two years ago.

Or that presentation that would revolutionize your career.

Or that complicated business problem you know you’ll need lots of peace and quiet to figure out.

When you ready to get things done...

And when you finally DO get enough time to sit down to do your most important creative work…

You don’t know how to quiet the repetitive thoughts and negative voices that scream inside your head and keep you from being able to think—much less get any creative work done.

  • “That fire at work isn't going to put itself out.”
  • “Ugh, there’s so much laundry I have to do.” 
  • "I wonder if my spouse is still upset about what I said last night?”
  • “That has to be the WORST sentence I’ve ever written. ...What if I can’t do this after all?”

This inner "noise" steals away your focus—which makes you try for hours only to make minimal progress on your big project. It’s exhausting and discouraging.

Even worse, you finally get into it, and then a single email notification, text message, or knock on your office door ... completely breaks your concentration and sends you right back to Square One.

The noise is unbearable—and it's all you can do to just survive.

But you want MORE than just to "survive."

You know you're capable of more.

You have so much potential inside youand you know it.

But amidst all the noise and busyness, how in the world is it possible to find time to get your best work done?

Perhaps you’ve tried the usual stuff:

  • Meditation techniques
  • Deep breathing
  • Positive thinking and gratitude journals

But nothing has moved the needle or made a big enough difference to matter.

It feels like your life is whizzing by. And every day you don't do your best work, you get more and more down.

You feel a voice welling up inside you, screaming, “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”

What if there was something you could do about it?

If you were able to get this work done, it would actually change you: You’d finally become who you were meant to become—what you deserve to become.

Think for a minute about what might be possible if you could access this higher potential right now to complete high-impact projects with your high standard of quality.

  • Where would you be? 
  • What pains would be gone from your life? 
  • How much more success would you have?

The truth is, you CAN unlock your “creative flow” and get high quality work done quickly. Even when you’re busy, even when you’re stressed, even when you’re getting interrupted constantly.

You just have to know how ...

The key lies in your ability to access your Center.

Here’s why you have such trouble with your most important work:

In a state of resistance or tension, your mind hijacks your ability to get into your “creative flow,” which keeps you from getting quality work done consistently.

Basically, when you're not centered, your mind's chatter runs the show...

If you’re wondering why you can’t ever seem to get going—ESPECIALLY if the culprit is constant stress, procrastination, or distraction—it’s likely because you’re not in a Centered State.

BUT, when you're in a Centered State—meaning, when your brain is "switched on" and your body is in proper alignment—you're naturally a highly resourceful and competent person.

You have much easier access to your innate creativity and higher mental performance.

  • Stress melts away.
  • Negative self-talk gets put on mute.
  • Notifications and knocks at the door don’t throw you off balance so easily.

INSTEAD, you feel like the wind is at your back. Creating feels effortless. You feel confident, sharp, and brimming with inner strength.

It doesn't have to take long to tap into your natural potential. With the right method, you can drop into this state in a matter of minutes (sometimes even faster).

Sounds too good to be true, right? I used to think so too.

But consider that you've done it before (many times), but you probably weren't conscious of how you got there...

The secret to getting out of your way...

In Awakening the Mind, Anna Wise defines mastery as “being in the state you want to be in, when you want to be there, knowing what to do with that state, and being able to accomplish it.”

Isn’t that the mental state you're after?

It’s the state of personal mastery where you're back in the driver's seat. 

Hi, I'm Scott Jeffrey.

I'm the founder of CEOsage and the creator of this method. You've probably read some of my in-depth guides before.

I’ve been a personal development coach and business strategist for over 20 years—guiding many successful entrepreneurs, chief executives, thought leaders, and New York Times bestselling authors.

And throughout that time, I’ve been constantly testing techniques and technologies to help my clients (and myself) enhance their performance.

I found many things that helped ... some of the time. But many of these practices took a long time to learn in order to develop into a skill.

After Thousands of Hours of Experimentation…

In my quest, I explored dozens of meditation practices, brainwave entrainment programs, light therapy, biofeedback gadgets, alpha stimulation, nootropics, and other psychoactive technologies.

All of them provided some benefits, but not the consistent and meaningful results I was after.

I wanted to find a way to enter this state of creative mastery at will. Because, like my clients, sometimes I only had pockets as small as 30 minutes to do my most important creative work.

I didn’t have time. I needed to get centered fast to do solid work.

Plus, my work with clients requires intense focus for long periods of time. And I was as prone to distraction and losing focus as everyone else. 

But eventually, by applying principles from Eastern alchemy and a few Western modalities, I finally discovered a way.

I’ve used this technique, which I now call the Mastery Method, for years with my clients.

Introducing ...

The Mastery Method

The art and craft of finding your center so you can focus on important tasks without burning out

Using this technique, my clients immediately noticed a significant increase in their inner resourcefulness—just like I do every time I use it.

I also noticed that the more they used the method, the less likely they were to get stuck. With increasing levels of self-awareness comes better choices and more effective responses to difficult situations.

Best of all, they were able to get into a Centered State quickly—and effortlessly perform high-quality work.

The Mastery Method is a multilayered audio program using advanced brainwave entrainment technology with a guided process to will help you:

Activate superior cognitive functioning

so you can be more productive and make effective decisions

Recharge your mental energy

so you can boost your focus and get things done

Develop heightened self-awareness 

so you can cultivate greater emotional intelligence 

Release stress and defuse anxiety

so you can relax and avoid making unnecessary mistakes

Trigger flow states

so you can enhance your creativity and enjoy what you do

Quiet your mind and eliminate distractions

so you can focus on what matters most

  • Improve your relationships because you’ll better regulate your unconscious motivations and more clearly understand others.
  • See yourself more clearly because without shadow work we tend to suffer from ego distortions that create false views about reality. 
  • Enhance your physical and mental energy because you’ll stop expending energy repressing various emotions and impulses of which you’re currently unaware.
  • Develop your psychology because you’ll finally be able to take responsibility for your shadow and become a more mature adult.
  • Elevate your creativity because creativeness is your birthright that begins to flow spontaneously as you become a more integrated individual.
  • Increase your confidence because you’re will know yourself and come to terms with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Think of it as a "meditation hack" even if you don't meditate; the method enables you to experience many of the effects of long-term meditation within minutes.

Designed for busy professionals, The Mastery Method will guide you into enter this state of mastery. This process won't take years or month—but a matter of minutes—to experience!

Does the Method really work? 

In September 2017, we ran a pilot study with a sample group of beta testers who were surveyed after their first time using The Mastery Method. Here are the results:

  • 90% of participants reported being "more calm and less stressed."
  • 80% of participants reported a "quieter mind with less thoughts."
  • 80% of participants reported "experiencing heightened awareness."
  • 70% of participants reported "greater mental clarity and focus."
  • 70% of participants reported they felt "less emotionally reactive."

And this was only after their first time using The Mastery Method!

Who is the Mastery Method for?

This technique has a very high success rate when it's used by the "right" individuals. This method is especially designed for creative professionals genuinely looking to achieve better focus to accomplish their work. 

  • High-achieving entrepreneurs and consultants 
  • Freelancers, artists, designers, and writers
  • Programmers and developers
  • Busy professionals of any kind

The main criteria is the willingness and openness to experiment with the method and be patient in experiencing the results.

The Mastery Method is NOT for you if...

Since its release a few years ago, many hundreds of individuals have been experiencing the benefits of this simple technique. However, I have observed a few cases where this method isn't effective: 

  • You're expecting a "miracle" right away or at all.
  • You're not willing to objectively observe the difference in your level of focus before and after using the method.
  • You're in such a rush that taking 5 minutes twice a day to use the method is too much to manage.
  • You're secretly looking to say, "Well, I tried it, but it just didn't work for me."

We all have an inner saboteur who can keep practical methods from being effective. I offer various ways around these saboteurs in the companion guidebook, but you have to be willing to navigate through this mind jungle on your own.

The Mastery Method Program includes ...

  • 24-minute guided process using advanced brainwave entrainment technology on an MP3 recording
  • Additional 5-minute MP3 version is designed for quick sessions and fast access
  • A companion PDF guide includes tips and tricks to get the most value from the Mastery Method.
  • Plus, you'll receive a special bonus 21-minute track ...

Bonus Track: The Center

The key to peak performance and getting into flow is accessing your center. This powerful 20-minute bonus MP3 track uses an artfully- engineered formula of brainwave frequencies to help you drop into your center.  The Center program alone is valued at $37, but it's included for free in this program.

Here's what one customer, Dee, had to say: "The Center MP3 is an essential part of the package! It induces a deep state of relaxation, and sharpens mental acuity at the same time. It just plain feels good…but it does so much more."

Try The Mastery Method for a full 60-days.

Without question, The Mastery Method is a unique program on an unusual topic. I want to make sure you not only absorb all the content and experiment with the method before you commit to this—I want to give you 60 days to experiment with it and make sure it serves you.

Try the entire program. 60 days is enough time to use the method often and read the companion guide multiple times. Then decide. If you don't find it valuable, let me know and you'll get 100% of your money back. (I will ask you a few questions first.)

It's simple: Try the program for yourself. If you aren't able to achieve greater focus and mental calm within 60 days, please email me. 

The Mastery Method

Start accessing your focus 

One-time payment of (reg $79)

If you have any questions about this program, contact me here

What others are saying about the Method...

Like many “type A” personalities, I know the importance of meditation for health and productivity, but I just can’t quiet my mind long enough to realize the benefits. Then I just get frustrated. My first session with The Mastery Method completely changed my perception of what 'meditation' could be. I not only finished that session (and felt great following!), but I now have a morning practice that takes no time and gives me that "calm center" that I've always sought, but was too impatient and fidgety to achieve. And that calm center allows for more effective creative periods and better executive decisions.

— Keith Norris, Co-founder, Paleo f(x)

The Mastery Method had me tuned in within moments. I felt an almost-uniform calm energy wave over my body, and was able to tune into subtle sensations and relax tensions I didn’t know I had. When I opened my eyes I was clear-headed and able to focus easily, breathing consistently (I am prone to erratic breathing), and my mind was quiet. I felt energized and I immediately got to work on a writing assignment I had been putting off for days.

— Tova Kaplan, Producer, American Idol

I've been practicing meditation on and off for a number of years. I thought I had a decent grasp over the process, outcomes, and benefits ... until I came across The Mastery Method. I was meditating to quiet my mind, yet my results were limited. The method itself seemed suspiciously easy yet the effectiveness was mind-blowing. I achieved what previously took me months to achieve in just a handful of minutes—and even better—the results were consistent every time I meditated. I simply sat down, listened to the method and was blown away by the outcome. Instead of sitting down to meditate for at least 30 minutes, in far less time, I was achieving amazing results that genuinely helped me achieve my goals. I'm now able to focus far more intently on the task at hand. I'm also able to ‘declutter’ my mind and approach problems from a point of view with far more clarity. I feel less stressed, more effective, and noticeably lighter. 

— Mark Patchett, Marketing Consultant 

I felt more energized and calmer than I usually am after using the Mastery Method. Only twice in my life have I felt this peaceful centered calm, and I have never been able to access it at will. The meditation practices I tried never "brought it on" or put me in that state either. Using the Mastery Method before a project keeps me focused on the task so it's easier to complete. Upon completion my stress levels are much lower, and I feel less burdened. I feel less overwhelmed with my mental to do list not looming over me. It will get done, I can't obsess and hold onto the overwhelming stress of it.

— Theodora Mantinaos, Real Estate Investor

Frequently asked questions

"What is the format of this program?"

The Mastery Method bundle comes with two MP3 tracks. One contains complete instructions and the background for the method. The other is the method itself (less than 5 minutes), which you use after you listen to the longer track. You'll also receive a third bonus, pure brainwave entrainment audio track designed to help root you in your center as well as PDF companion guidebook with additional tips and instruction.

"Who is this program for?"

This program is designed for anyone interested in psychological development, self-actualization, or spiritual growth. If you're someone interested in greater productivity, self development, higher achievement, and actualizing more of your potential, this program is likely for you. It is designed to enhance your mental performance.

"How long will this program take?"

This program is designed for busy individuals. You can learn The Mastery Method in less than 30 minutes. It will take an additional 20 - 30 minutes to read the support material. Then, it's just a matter of practicing the method. (Five minutes, twice a day, is usually sufficient.)

"What if I try this program and I find it’s not for me?"

No problem. You can purchase this program today and go through the material for the next 60 days. If, at any time, you decide that it’s not for you, contact me for a complete refund.

mastery method program

Listen to a Sample of the Program

Sit at the edge of your chair, close your eyes, and press PLAY!

The Mastery Method will help you enter a state of mastery usually within a few minutes once you are familiar with the process.

The Mastery Method

Access your higher focus

One-time Payment of  (reg $79)


If you have any questions about this program, contact me here. And remember, you have a full 60-days to give it a try!

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