Why do high achievers have a coach?

Because when you’re in the bottle, you can’t read the label.

And we are all in our own bottles.

A coach provides effective feedback to help you see yourself and to provide clarity on where you want to go in the future.

Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot, said it succinctly: “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential.”

Athletes and musicians have coaches because they are committed to personal excellence.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs also engage with coaches to achieve peak performance as well as accelerated business growth.

Growth coaching is for individuals who aren’t satisfied with average results; it’s for those who intuit a deep reservoir of unrealized potential.

What Stands In Your Way?

As a business coach and growth strategist with over 15 years experience, I can help you establish a clear vision for your business, develop a strategic results plan, introduce best practices, and guide you along your path to realizing that vision.

That, it turns out, isn’t the hard part …

The biggest roadblock in realizing your business objectives, as you may have already discovered, is yourself.

It is our areas of blindness that overshadow our ability to realize more professional success with greater meaning.

The better you understand your own psychology, capitalizing on your innate strengths while addressing your weaknesses, the more flow you’ll experience in both work and life.

Who Are You?

If we’re a good match for working together, you’re looking for more than just business results and more wealth.

I’m not suggesting money isn’t important; I’m stating that, for you, it simply isn’t enough.

You’re not following someone else’s life plan. You’re blazing your own trail. You’ve already chosen to defy convention in search of something bigger.

Your intuition informs you of a higher potential within you. You’re on a quest for personal meaning, even if you never thought of it that way.

You have already begun to awaken to new dimensions of what you are. Now, you want clarity and direction for living your unique journey (which wholeheartedly includes your work).

But the journey isn’t easy. It’s fraught with unknowns. At times, it’s accompanied by feelings of loneliness, isolation, and meaninglessness.

It’s not an angst you tend to talk about. After all, who can really understand what you’re feeling?

So you trek onward.

Do These Questions Resonate With You?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I looking to discover deeper parts of myself?
  • Do I know (really know) what drives me?
  • Am I seeking a fuller, richer life and work experience?
  • Am I committed to realizing more of my creative potential?
  • Is my business a form of self-expression?
  • Am I doing something worthwhile? Am I contributing?

Do these questions strike a chord within you? Do they stir something deep inside?

If so, read on.

Here’s What I’ve Come to Learn

We have to go to work. There’s no escaping that. But only a few pursue their calling, their unique destiny.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find meaningful work, eventually enthusiasm wanes.

In those darker times, having a new perspective or insight can mean the difference between depression and liberation, quitting and pressing on.

I’ve found that in the muddied space between our work and personal lives lies a unique (and generally unnoticed) opportunity for meaningful growth, productivity, and discovery.

We can simultaneously make progress in our businesses while pursuing our own self-actualization. Becoming aware of this fertile ground between work and personal growth is step one. Capitalizing, growing, and playing in this ground is step two.

Becoming aware of this fertile ground between work and personal growth is step one. Capitalizing, growing, and playing in this ground is step two.

It is in this fertile ground that you and your work can flourish. And it is here that I can play a role as a strategic guide on your unique quest.

How Can I Serve You?

I’m the founder of CEOSage, Inc., a personal and business coaching service for entrepreneurs.

I have a curious mind with a passion for learning. I’ve studied many schools of psychology, Eastern and Western philosophy, and business practices.

What gives my work more meaningful is that I have the opportunity to integrate this knowledge into my own life as well as the lives of my clients, customers, and readers.

My clients appreciate my ability to distil complex ideas into simple, useful concepts when the need arises.

It helps them become more effective at what they do and to understand the world from new perspectives.

I believe we are all innately creative beings. Maintaining a sense of play and creativity amidst the demands of work and modern life is challenging, but it is essential for positive mental health and whole-hearted living.

Finding ways to keep the creative impulse alive—in myself as well as my clients—is a perpetual theme in my studies and work with others.

As a growth strategist and business coach for over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with a remarkable group of chief executives, entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and best-selling authors.

Are You New to Coaching?

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If you’re new to coaching, check out this coaching guide on CEOSage.com on how to get the most out of your experience working with a coach.

Now What?

If you’re read this far, perhaps it’s time for us to chat. The first step is for us to have an introductory dialogue so we can have a “chemistry check.”

Each of my coaching relationships are unique and everything we discuss is always kept confidential.

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