Are you ready to return home to yourself?

  • Develop heightened self-awareness
  • Stabilize your mind so you can focus 
  • Observe what's really going on inside of you

Scott Jeffrey, founder of CEOsage and creator of Centering MasterWork

If you're reading this, you probably already understand the importance of Inner Work

That is, you want to get to know yourself.

You want to ...

  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Move beyond self-doubt and limiting fears
  • Become more conscious of your behavioral patterns
  • See who you really are and not who you think you are
  • Access your best self—not by striving—but by just being 

Yet, if you're paying close attention, even if you meditate every day, there's probably less progress than you might hope for.


The answer provided by transpersonal psychology and Eastern teachings is that we're not in a position to see ourselves objectively.

And without clear self-observation, we have no guidepost or point of reference.

Without self-observation, we lack the means of bringing what we're not conscious of into conscious awareness. 

So what's the key to cultivating self-observation?

It's found in an ancient principle called The Center.

What is the Center?

The Center is a dynamic point of psychic equilibrium or inner balance. The Center doesn’t have a location, yet, there are physical regions associated with it.

When you’re in the Center, there’s no resistance. Everything just is. You feel alive, alert, and active. An inner calm prevails. Your actions aren't contrived. Instead, you act spontaneously. 

What happens when you're out of Center?

Here are some clear signs that you're out of your Center:

Throughout the day, you …

  • Take on too many tasks (multitasking)
  • Are reactive and compulsive (e.g. checking your phone constantly)
  • Fail to differentiate what is urgent from what’s important

In your mental and emotional state, you …

  • Are consumed by negative self-talk or self-doubt
  • Get distracted easily (unable to focus)
  • Ruminate about the past or hold anxiety about the future
  • Feel overwhelmed often (stuck)

In the evening, you …

  • End your day feeling depleted
  • Go to sleep too late or crash too early
  • Struggle with impulse control with sugar, social media, alcohol, snacks, TV, drugs, shopping, etc

I think it's fair to say that we're all familiar with many of these signs.

Are your living out of Center?

The reality is that most of us are living out of Center the majority of the time.

Our search for happiness is a consequence of being out of Center.

We strive for success or to "build self-confidence" largely because our Center eludes us.

Other symptoms of being out of center include:

  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Laziness 
  • Procrastination 
  • Rumination 
  • Self-criticism

When we’re out of Center, we don’t trust ourselves. Gurus, thought leaders, "experts," and others become authority figures for us because we lack inner direction.

And the truth is, when you’re not in the Center, you can’t trust yourself because you can’t connect with your instincts, your true feelings, or the "inner truth" within you.

We experience all inner contentment from the Center. When we don’t abide there, we feel impoverished. This forces us to look to the future or ruminate in the past.

We believe the answer lies in a better job, the right relationship, more money, prestige, and so on.

Certainly, these things will satisfy my needs, we tell ourselves.

Yet, something inside of us can sense this self-deception.

When you’re out of the Center, fear, anger, and shame rule you.

So what can centering do for you?

Through the course of moving toward your Center, you can: 

Develop heightened self-awareness

so you can cultivate greater emotional self-regulation

Recharge your mental energy 

so you can enhance your focus and attention 

Release stress and defuse anxiety

so you can relax and avoid making unnecessary mistakes

Activate superior cognitive functioning

so you can make effective decisions

Quiet your mind and eliminate distractions

so you can better enjoy the things that you do

  • Improve your relationships because you’ll better regulate your unconscious motivations and more clearly understand others.
  • See yourself more clearly because without shadow work we tend to suffer from ego distortions that create false views about reality. 
  • Enhance your physical and mental energy because you’ll stop expending energy repressing various emotions and impulses of which you’re currently unaware.
  • Develop your psychology because you’ll finally be able to take responsibility for your shadow and become a more mature adult.
  • Elevate your creativity because creativeness is your birthright that begins to flow spontaneously as you become a more integrated individual.
  • Increase your confidence because you’re will know yourself and come to terms with the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Dissolve your internal resistance not by "breaking through" it, but by understanding its true nature.

These are just some of the remarkable benefits of holding to your Center.

Perhaps the most compelling thing is that you’ll find that you’re more “okay” with yourself. While this might not sound like much, I’ve found it to be worth more than anything else.

But the Center can be elusive...

The challenge is that we spend most of our time out of Center

In fact, our environment tends to reinforce being out of Center.

Thankfully, we can learn to abide in the Center under most conditions. 

That is, centering is a kind of skill.

You can train yourself to notice when you're out of Center. 

Then, you follow certain principles and methods to return to your Center.

With practice, you can access your Center with greater ease and frequency. 

“There’s a center of quietness within, which has to be known and held. If you lose that center, you are in tension and begin to fall apart.”
― Joseph Campbell

Why most people fail to make progress with Inner Work

It isn't so easy to get to know yourself.

Our egos have an extraordinary capacity for resisting self-inquiry and internal observation at every turn.

Carl Jung's psychoanalytic approach was often a 5-day-a-week process that went on for many years. And based on most accounts (including Jung's own), the majority of the time, it wasn't very effective. 

Why? I discovered that the answer lies in this Eastern concept called the Center.

Inner work can occur only when we're in the Center; it fails to happen when we're not. (And most of the time, we're not in the Center.)

So, I created course to address this incredibly important concept ...


Centering MasterWork

A powerful approach to cultivating self-awareness

Centering MasterWork is a unique course that provides vital tools for developing self-leadership skills.

Inspired by a synthesis of Taoist alchemy, depth psychology, transpersonal theory, and Chan Buddhism, the principles in Centering MasterWork are foundational for anyone who wants to do inner work (including getting to know your shadow). 

In Centering MasterWork, you'll have access to 12 core video lessons with transcripts, in-depth tutorials, detailed guided audio training sessions, and other valuable resources.

Centering MasterWork can help you:

  • Cultivate sustainable levels of self-awareness
  • Reduce fear, self-doubt, and anxiety quickly
  • Develop higher consciousness using ancient methods
  • Generate and sustain greater levels of mental energy
  • Foster unprecedented levels of focus and attention

Centering MasterWork is a self-awareness training course that uses alchemical methods for internal transformation.

This program provides a grounded approach to accessing more of your innate potential. 

Including hands-on guided audio training sessions

The Centering MasterWork course is designed to help you increase your self-awareness.

To help integrate the material in this course, you'll gain access to a guided training program that will take you through the principles you learn in the course, step-by-step. 

These additional audio sessions are, in my opinion, worth the value of this entire program. 

Is Centering the same as meditation?

Centering and meditation are close cousins. But they are not the same thing.

Formal sitting meditation has loads of documented benefits.

The challenge, however, is that even if you enter a state of stillness for a few minutes during a morning meditation, that state tends to end moments after you finish meditating.

It's the nature of our busy lives.

The centering process that's covered in Centering MasterWork has many physical aspects that aren't part of most meditation methods. 

Plus, you're going to learn how to start holding to your Center throughout the day—not just at regularly scheduled intervals.

That said, if you already have a daily meditation practice, the principles in Centering MasterWork can certain help enhance your practice.

Bonus Program

When you enroll in Centering MasterWork, you'll also get free access to the Mastery Method program.

The Mastery Method is a guided process designed specifically for busy individuals who want to increase their focus before working on a task.

I've successfully used this technique with my clients for many years. It helps you quickly sink beyond distraction so you can access more of your mental energy for greater focus (without burning out).

The power of the Mastery Method is in its simplicity. You can learn the method within 30 minutes and begin using it right away. This program includes:

  • 24-minute guided process (MP3 download) 
  • 5-minute version is designed for quick sessions
  • Companion PDF guidebook with tips for more effective use

Think of this program as "Level 1" of the centering process, while Centering MasterWork offers Level 2 and Level 3.

The Mastery Method is my most popular (and longest running) program. It's regularly priced at $79, but you'll receive free access to this program when you enroll in Centering MasterWork.

Brainwave Entrainment Bonus 

Plus, you'll also receive a 20-minute powerful brainwave entrainment program called "The Center."

I designed the frequencies in this program using isochronic tones and binaural beats to help you sink your awareness into your body so you can more easily access your Center when needed.

Centering MasterWork is right for you IF you're willing to…

  • Invest the time in yourself to learn and apply a series of physical and mental principles each day
  • Challenge a lot of what you might have picked up in the “New Age” literature 
  • Observe yourself to see what’s really going on in order to transform

Centering MasterWork is NOT right for you IF you're…

  • Expecting miracles or a quick-fix to any of your problems
  • Unwilling to observe your behavior, attitudes, feelings and thoughts to see what's going on
  • Not going to apply the principles each day for at least a month before evaluating the results

Here's What's Inside This Special Offer

Centering MasterWork contains 14 video tutorials and a comprehensive audio program with two guided training sessions.  (Plus, you'll receive The Mastery Method audio program as a bonus.) 

  • Immediate online access
  • Access from any device
  • Step-by-step video lessons
  • "Lifetime" course access
  • Downloadable references
  • Multiple formats available 

Pick Your Format

Each lesson in Centering MasterWork comes in video, audio, and transcript formats.


Try Centering MasterWork for 60 days

Without question, Centering MasterWork is a unique program on topics that many people are relatively unfamiliar with. I want to make sure you can absorb all the content before you commit to this. 

Try the program. 60 days is enough time to take them multiple times and then decide. If you don't find it to be valuable, let me know and you'll get 100% of your money back. However, please note that If you do request a refund, I will ask you an extensive series of questions to get feedback first.

Please read the above criteria titled, "Centering MasterWork are for you IF you're..." and "are NOT right for you IF..." to determine whether or not this program is appropriate for you.

So it's simple: Enroll and try it for yourself. If you don't feel these programs provide significant value for you within 60 days, email me

Enhance Your Self-Awareness

Gain complete access to Centering MasterWork (including the Mastery Method bonus) 


Let's see what members of Centering MasterWork are saying...

Keith Norris

Co-founder & Chief Development Officer, Paleo f(x)

As an avid student of the work of Carl Jung, and as someone who has participated in over 70 Ayahuasca ceremonies, I know first hand just how vitally important shadow work is in becoming your optimized self. Without a serious guide, doing this work is like trying to navigate without a compass. Scott Jeffrey's Centering MasterWork course IS now my compass. I highly recommend it be yours as well.

Theodora Mantinaos

Real Estate Investor

I felt more energized and calmer than I usually am after using the principles in Centering MasterWork. Only twice in my life have I felt this peaceful centered calm, and I have never been able to access it at will. 

The meditation practices I tried never "brought it on" or put me in that state either. Using the principles in Centering MasterWork before a project keeps me focused on the task so it's easier to complete. Upon completion my stress levels are much lower, and I feel less burdened. I feel less overwhelmed with my mental to do list not looming over me. It will get done, I can't obsess and hold onto the overwhelming stress of it.

Tova Kaplan

Producer, American Idol

Centering MasterWork had me tuned in within moments. I felt an almost-uniform calm energy wave over my body, and was able to tune into subtle sensations and relax tensions I didn’t know I had.

When I opened my eyes I was clear-headed and able to focus easily, breathing consistently (I am prone to erratic breathing), and my mind was quiet. I felt energized and I immediately got to work on a writing assignment I had been putting off for days.

Mark Patchett

Marketing Consultant

I've been practicing meditation on and off for a number of years. I thought I had a decent grasp over the process, outcomes, and benefits ... until I came across Centering MasterWork. I was meditating to quiet my mind, yet my results were limited. The method itself seemed suspiciously easy yet the effectiveness was mind-blowing. 

I achieved what previously took me months to achieve in just a handful of minutes—and even better—the results were consistent every time I meditated. I simply sat down, listened to the method and was blown away by the outcome. Instead of sitting down to meditate for at least 30 minutes, in far less time, I was achieving amazing results that genuinely helped me achieve my goals. I'm now able to focus far more intently on the task at hand. I'm also able to ‘declutter’ my mind and approach problems from a point of view with far more clarity. I feel less stressed, more effective, and noticeably lighter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

"What if I'm new to meditation?"

Terrific! Centering MasterWork doesn't require any prior knowledge or experience. While many students will already be familiar with what the centering process (from various books and articles), many students who enroll in this course do not have prior experience with meditation or the concepts presented in this course.

"What if I fall behind?"

No worries. You can go at your own pace. Each lesson is easy to follow with videos, text, images, and action steps (when relevant). You also have lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you're out of town or really busy for a few days. The program will be there when you're ready. Plus, the course software saves your progress so when you return, you can start wherever you left off.

"What is the point of Centering MasterWork?"

Simply put, when you're out of Center, you're living your life unconsciously. You're not aware of what's going on inside of you. Psychic forces are operating through you, but you're not in the driver's seat. The principles in Centering MasterWork are designed to help you cultivate more self-awareness so you can put yourself on a path of increasing self-leadership.

"Who is Centering MasterWork for?"

Centering MasterWork is designed for anyone interested in their psychological development, self-actualization, and spiritual growth. If you're interested in developing more emotional intelligence and self-leadership, the information in this program will certainly serve you.

"How long will this course take?"

You can go through the course material in Centering MasterWork within a day. However, the goal here isn't to "complete the course." The lessons will guide you through a series of principles. Then, the guided processes will help you begin applying these principles within yourself. Through daily application of these principles and methods over weeks and months, you'll start to see internal changes in your awareness. 

"What if I try this course and I find it's not for me?"

No problem. You can enroll in this course  today and go through the material for the next 60 days. If, at any time, you decide that it’s not for you, contact me for a complete refund. As noted above, I will ask you an extensive list of questions first. So please read the above section titled, "Centering MasterWork is for you IF you're…" before making your decision.

I'm Scott Jeffrey, the founder of CEOsage and the creator of Centering MasterWork.

Taking an inter-disciplinary approach, I've undergone an in-depth inquiry into a wide range of topics, scouring many hundreds of books and papers, working with numerous acclaimed professionals, and applying various methods daily for many years.

I came to this material through the course of my own development and curiosity. I've been a student of psychology and meditation since my late teens. (Despite my youthful appearance, I'm in my mid-40s.)

I don't consider myself any kind of "master" of this material. (And I recommend questioning anyone who claims they are one.) I'm a practitioner, just like you. I apply this material daily in my own life and use it to support my clients.

One of my primary skills is the ability to distill and synthesize a range of complex topics into useful information for everyday folks like you and me. (If you've read some of my guides, you may know what I mean.)

And so, instead of thinking of me as an "expert," perhaps it's best to perceive me as a "temporary guide" with concepts like the Center.

Also, I don't subscribe to any one "school" of psychology or Eastern thought. For example, I'm not a Jungian. That said, I have studied analytic approaches like Jungian psychology, humanistic psychology, transpersonal theory, developmental psychology, positive psychology, and behavioral science, among others.  

As much value as I've gained from Western psychology, however, it wasn't until I began deeply exploring Eastern philosophies and practices from various Taoist and Buddhist schools that things began to "click."

I found that these traditions offer powerful methods that go way beyond what Western psychology offers on its own.

Why focus on Self-Leadership?

Although I pursued these topics out of personal interest, I'm also a business coach who works with chief-level executives and high-achieving entrepreneurs. 

For over two decades, I've worked directly with the leadership of companies ranging from Kohl's Department Store and The Life is good Company to dozens of smaller entrepreneurs who are successfully blazing their own trails

Over time, the topic of self-leadership has become a critical focus because it's something that everyone needs, and yet, virtually all of us struggle with it. 

Why do we struggle with leading ourselves?

Here are two main reason I've observed:

  1. 1
    We don't have a shared language for understanding what's going on within our psyche.
  2. 2
    We haven't been taught practical methods and techniques to help us get a handle on our inner world.

Because I don't subscribe to one particular school of thought, I've been able to synthesize a large body of knowledge and practices into a cohesive framework

While theory is interesting, the key to making rapid progress is to incorporate effective methods into our daily lives. And that's the main objective of my courses.

I enjoy teaching topics like centering because I believe they are foundational skills for anyone interested in authentic personal development.

Plus, they are absolutely essential if you're in a leadership role of any kind (including being a parent).

What Others Are Saying About My Work

"Scott’s blog is in the company of Seth Godin, Derek Halpern and Tony Robbins.”

Alexander Keehnen

The Influential Executive Podcast and Executive Coach

"I am loving your material, very interesting and inspiring. I have been working on Self Leadership for a while and I find your material very easy to follow and understand. Thanks for the work you are doing!"

Chio Zubiria

Director of Business Development, Bacardi Martini

“Scott Jeffrey is the Bear Bryant of business coaches. He is also one of THE main people behind the scenes that coached and guided the success of The Traveler’s Gift—before it was ever published. He knows his stuff.”

Andy Andrews

New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Traveler's Gift and The Noticer

“Scott's unique outlook on the common problems we personally face is second to none. His wisdom has seeped into all areas of my life for the better. From marriage to parenting to facing my own insecurities, Scott's insights have been extremely valuable."

Peter Goodwin

CEO, Groove Life

Consider this a disclaimer. The content in these courses are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health condition. 


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