Self Mastery

How to Invest in the Stock Market Even if You’re Strapped for Time and Money

by Scott Jeffrey

I don’t have enough money.

I don’t have time.

I don’t know how.

These are the three most common answers you’ll hear if you ask someone why they don’t invest. While there may be truth to these responses, the real answer is more likely fear.

We fear the unknown and investing is a great mystery if we don’t have experience with it. Plus, investing is associated with risk, and risk means potential loss. And we fear loos and failure.

But if you know how to start investing based on proven principles from the masters, you not only mitigate your risk, you set you and your family up for financial freedom.

If you want to learn how to start investing in your financial future without spending loads of time, read on.

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How to Set Achievable Short-Term Financial Goals that Inspire You

by Scott Jeffrey

My story on how I eliminated $45k in credit card debt in 10 months illustrates the importance of setting clear, short-term financial goals.

If used wisely, these financial goals bring clarity and direction. If misused, however, they add to the frustrations and helplessness many people experience around money.

How do you establish practical, short-term financial goals on your path to financial freedom?

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How to Get Out of Debt and Manage Your Money Like a Pro

by Scott Jeffrey

Roughly 58% of Americans carry a credit card balance each month. And that’s just credit cards. When you add in student loans, mortgages, and car payments the number swells to 80%.

To the average person, debt is a way of life. The problem is we fail to wholly see that debt is a hungry beast that eats away at our chances for financial freedom.

The seven-step plan below shows you how to get out of debt quickly. And even if you’re not in debt, you’ll learn proven methods to take better control of your finances.

Let’s get started.

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Decoding Maslow’s Human Needs to Understand Your Behavior and Psychological Development

by Scott Jeffrey

What motivates you? What drives you to get out of bed and do what you do each day?

If you’re working on a big creative project, why are you doing it?

If you exercise, what are the reasons you tell yourself? To stay fit? To look good?

If you’re an entrepreneur, why are you investing so much time building your business?

Yes, money is one answer, but unless you don’t have enough food to eat and a roof over your head, it’s not the main one.

In today’s guide, we’ll explore some of the profound insights from master psychologist Abraham Maslow. Our goal is to understand the hidden drivers behind our behavior. This knowledge is instructive and insightful for personal development. (And if you’re an entrepreneur, it can help you better understand, attract, and serve your customers too.)

Let’s dive in…

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How to Use the Hero’s Journey for Storytelling and Personal Transformation

by Scott Jeffrey

Treasure, love, reward, approval, honor, status, freedom, survival … these are some of the many things we associate with the hero’s journey.

We don’t find the meaning of the hero’s journey in slaying the dragon or saving the princess—these are colorful metaphors and symbols for a more significant purpose.

Battling inner and outer demons, confronting bullies, and courting your ultimate mate symbolize a passage through the often-treacherous tunnel of self-discovery and individuation to mature adulthood.

At the end of each journey (if there is such an end), you’re different—sometimes visually, but always internally.

Today, let’s explore the meaning of the hero’s journey and see how it applies to psychological development and our ability to actualize more of our potential.

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Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Productive

by Scott Jeffrey

Why do you want to be more productive?

This is a big question we often never ask. And how you answer it will determine how likely you are to make better use of your time.

If your answer is just to be able to “get more done,” you have a problem.

Let me explain…

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The Definitive “Underground” Meditation Guide: Secrets to Effective Mind Training

by Scott Jeffrey

Overview: This in-depth guide provides meditation guidance, meditation instructions, and loads of “underground” tips based on over two decades of research and experience in mind training.


I was suffering from acute anxiety before and during exams in my sophomore year at the University of Michigan.

As a consequence, I was getting sick often and freezing during exams, lowering my performance.

My uncle shared with me a simple meditation practice he learned from a course. Using this method made a measurable difference in my health, performance, and well being.

And so, from then on, I began exploring and experimenting with different meditative practices and breathing techniques.

Perhaps you’ve never meditated before. Or, you’ve been meditating for years.

Maybe you dabble in meditation, or you tried it out and decided it wasn’t for you.

Regardless of your relationship to meditation (or lack thereof), I’m confident you’ll find tremendous value in today’s new guide.

In this comprehensive and unusual meditation instruction guide, I’m going to offer what I’ve learned from over 25 years of mind training.

Topics include:

  • The unconscious reasons most people resist meditation guidance
  • How to meditate even when you don’t want to
  • Powerful meditation instructions to make mind training more effective
  • Understanding the vital intersection between psychology and meditation

Let’s jump in …

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10 Best Books in Psychology to Illuminate What Really Drives You

by Scott Jeffrey

It has been said that there are three main ways to learn about human psychology:

  1. Read Greek mythology
  2. Read Carl Jung
  3. Observe others

Of the three, observing others is the most powerful, but reading about the psyche helps inform our observations.

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