Reignite Your Creativity with a Purple Crayon

Time feels like it’s compressing and moving faster, doesn’t it?

With age tends to come more responsibilities. Life becomes a delicate web of complexity.

With greater complexity, more things can go awry—and they often do.

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Three Unassuming Qualities of Creative Genius

They enchant us, surprise us and delight us. We don’t understand them, yet we marvel at their extraordinary creations and discoveries. They are the world’s creative geniuses.

Their names reverberate through time: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Galileo, da Vinci, Donatello, Dante, Mozart, Blake, Beethoven, Tesla, Freud, Jung, Einstein, to name a few.

They come from every background, culture, nationality, occupation, religion, and age. Finding commonalities in the genius’s personalities is challenging; creative genius is as diverse as the work it produces.

Creative genius reveals itself in all forms of art, invention, scientific breakthrough, philosophy, psychology, business, medicine, engineering, and athleticism.

Every field of endeavor has its pioneers and gifted souls who transform how we think, feel, and live our lives.

If brilliance is so elusive, how can we learn from these creative souls and artistic minds? And how can we apply their “secrets” to our lives to unleash the creative genius within?

Here are three key lessons of how creative masters create their work.

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