Strengths and Weakness

We can approach growth in life and business in two primary directions: improve areas of weakness or capitalize on our strengths. The former makes us well rounded; the latter expands the depth of our knowledge and skills.

The Wheel of Life

To illustrate, recall the Wheel of Life, a powerful coaching tool that highlights the key areas of our life: health, family, finances, relationships, emotions, spirituality, work, personal growth, and so on. The Wheel puts each category on common ground and demands that we pay attention to each category. Thus, if we’re excelling in our work and finances, but are ignoring our health and relationships, the Wheel directs our attention to the areas that are disharmonizing our life. (When we neglect any major area we eventually find ourselves in crisis.)

The Wheel of Life can also be used to embrace our strengths: areas of natural talents and abilities that bring us fulfillment and often make us more marketable in our field.

Going for depth—improving, refining, and transforming our current strengths—puts us on the road toward excellence, mastery, and self-actualization. And we should accept no less from ourselves.

Although it would be convenient to choose one direction—to improve our weaknesses OR focus on our strengths—wisdom dictates that both initiatives are necessary for a life of growth, integration, and wholeness.

Four Steps to Foster Growth in Both Directions

First, be sure to carefully construct your personal Wheel of Life by identifying the major categories relevant to you. The categories mentioned above are a good place to start.

Second, rate how you’re doing in each area on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. Be honest.

Third, identify your three weakest areas defined by your lowest three scores. Determine two or three action steps you can take within the next 48 hours.

Fourth, looking at your top three areas, do the same thing: determine what steps you can take to make improvements and facilitate growth in your strongest areas.

Improving our weaknesses brings greater balance and equanimity to our lives. Capitalizing on our strengths brings greater joy and meaning. Both are important initiatives for a fruitful life journey.

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