Seven Qualities of an Effective Coach

Star coaches run effective businesses and achieve tremendous results with their teams.

Now that we’ve explored the three powerful steps to coaching, let’s determine what effective coaches have in common.

1) A coach is a master question asker.

The key is to know the right question to ask at the right time. This takes practice, experience, patience and awareness. Always strive to ask more thoughtful questions of your team members and associates.

2) A coach is sensibly direct.

A coach doesn’t play office politics, crafting his words to elicit a particular response from his team member. In fact, office politics destroys teams. The coach is sensible, however, and uses discretion as needed.

3) A coach has sensory acuity.

A coach stays aware of his environment and those around him. He watches body language, tonality and other nonverbal forms of communication to better understand what others are saying.

4) A coach is a master listener.

An effective coach is highly empathic and intuitively connected to his team members. He listens intently—especially to what’s not being said.

5) A coach is inspirational.

Knowing that a business-as-usual attitude is an easy way to stifle creativity, a coach is constantly looking for ways to uplift his team. He provides moral support and is on the lookout for inspiring quotes, ideas and events—anything to raise the team’s spirit.

6) A coach challenges you.

There’s always room for growth and a coach is committed to facilitating your development. Instilling certainty of purpose, the effective coach provides meaningful direction.

7) A coach has high integrity.

Honesty, trustworthiness and integrity are the cornerstones of a coach’s state of being. Only after team members and associates trust and respect their coach (or leader) will major progress be achieved.

If you want to be an effective leader who brings your team to great achievements, you’ll examine these seven qualities very carefully and continually find areas for improvement.

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