Power vs Truth: Behind the Teachings of David R Hawkins

My Quest for Truth with David R. Hawkins

In their quest for meaning and higher truth, many people seek out a teacher or a path. I was one of them, and when I found Dr. David R. Hawkins and his best-selling Power vs. Force in 2001, I thought I found the meaning and truth I was searching for.

A few of today’s spiritual luminaries have sung the praise of Hawkins’ best seller, Power vs. Force. Wayne Dyer, an outspoken promoter of Hawkins’ work, called it “the most important and significant book I’ve read in the past ten years.”

I was so enamored with his work that I became one of his most avid students and a close confidante to the man himself.

I started an online community and forum (called ConsciousnessProject.org) that attracted over 5,000 members, linking up study groups from around the world.

I created and edited two quote books of organized passages from Hawkins’ writings: Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self and Along the Path to Enlightenment: 365 Daily Reflections from David R. Hawkins.

I even extensively referenced him in my own book, Creativity Revealed: Discovering the Source of Inspiration. Hawkins graciously wrote the foreword for this book.

Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R. Hawkins

Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R. Hawkins

And I was even his biographer for over five years where I was given access to all of his archives: professional letters, personal cards, unpublished works, income statements—you name it. I interviewed over a dozen people include old friends, colleagues, and family members.

His biography, Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R. Hawkins shipped to bookstores the same day Hawkins passed away at the age of 85.

In the process of researching Hawkins’ biography and spending many hours with him in person, I was struck by an overwhelming number of inconsistencies in both his stories and his teachings. This was like pulling a thread on an old sweater. I wasn’t trying to unravel anything in the beginning, but the more I pulled, the more “truths” came undone.


Power vs. Truth: Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins

I wrote a follow-up to his biography entitled, Power vs. Truth: Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins, to explore the evidence and inconsistencies I had accumulated aboutboth the man and his teachings.

I knew this work would not be well-received by his loyal community (and I was correct), but I felt a sense of obligation to share what I learned. I’m grateful to learn that the work has been helpful to many readers who were ready to move on from Hawkins’ teachings.

I have no malicious intent toward Hawkins. I believe he was largely unconscious to his improprieties and I still believe that his work contains inspiration and some wisdom. But it is most certainly not THE truth, nor is it anything resembling a “science of truth,” as he promoted it.

Is Power vs. Force Truth or Fiction?

Power vs. Truth examines the teachings of David R. Hawkins, a psychiatrist-turned-guru who claimed to have discovered a bulletproof method for discerning the “absolute truth” about anything. He heralded his muscle test for truth as “the most important discovery in mankind’s history.” It examines Hawkins’ claims, his teachings, and his muscle test for truth, deconstructing them for serious students dedicated to discovering higher consciousness (not dogma).

This work invites readers into an honest conversation that contemplates challenging questions: Is it fair to question the validity of Hawkins’ claims? Are there characteristics inherent in the Hawkins community that place it in danger of becoming a cult? Is it possible that some students following Hawkins’ “path” are experiencing dissociation, life repression, and other disorders?

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