Letting Go of Resistance

If you examine your life and your business, you’ll notice certain patterns. Certain issues keep presenting themselves over and over again, triggering related negative emotions.

For example, you may notice that grievances and upsets arise around specific people and situations in your business. Perhaps you have challenges dealing with a certain team member, vendor, or client. Maybe you’re continually frustrated by your seeming inability to grow your business beyond a certain point.

All of your emotional upsets—personal and professional—represent points of resistance. Problems become pervasive when we hold negative emotions related to them. What does this mean? An event is just an event. We tend, however, to project our own meaning onto events. If an event doesn’t go as planned, as our projected ideal said it should, we are upset.

But the event itself is neither “good” or “bad.” We’ve all had things happen that seemed “bad” at the time but turned out to be a blessing later on.

If we accept that things are the way they are—without wanting to change how they are in the moment—we let go of our resistance and allow things to be. In doing so, we can enter a state of flow where we are more resourceful and better equipped to navigate life’s challenges.

When the resistance is lifted, the desired change is often effortless.

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