How Aligned Are You?

Alignment represents an important concept in our complex lives. Alignment can be viewed as an internal diagnostic indicator that helps us evaluate the various areas of our lives and to see where we need to focus our attention.

We have different levels of alignment in various aspects of life including marriage, friendships, business partnerships, customer relationships, finances, creative projects, physical health, and emotional intelligence.

Alignment is a powerful quality that represents mastery in various areas of life. Think about a particular area, for example, finances, and review your level of alignment.

  • Do you constantly think about money?
  • Are you concerned about paying present or future bills?
  • Are you spending more than you’re earning?
  • Do you find it difficult to save money?
  • Do you maintain an investment portfolio? Do you invest for the future?
  • Are you more focused on what you want to get instead of how you’re going to serve?

How do you know when you’re fully aligned in a particular area of life? Here are a few indicators:

  • Things happen effortlessly; it’s easy to enter a state of flow.
  • There’s a sense that you’re being magnetically pulled toward your objective instead of feeling you’re constantly pushing and exerting strenuous effort.
  • The area takes up little psychic space. When things are flowing, there’s little need to constantly think about it. There’s no sense of emotional entanglement.
  • Ultimately, your heart and mind are at peace.

The default, status quo position in our culture seems to be misalignment in most areas of life. Alignment rarely happens by accident. It requires conscious awareness, discipline, and often the learning of new skills and an unlearning of old, destructive habits.

Once one achieves mastery in a particular area of life, alignment unfolds effortlessly.

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